Love letters to your home

Romance, sweet nothings…yes, Valentine’s Day is upon us. The one and only greeting card-palooza and all of its trappings: the flowers, the chalk-flavored candy with an illegible message, the Whitman’s Sampler, maybe even a candlelit dinner or a movie, if you’re really lucky. But we all know that the real love comes at home, under the newly installed warm-tone recessed kitchen lights, dancing across the glasstop electric stove and spinning head-over-heels inside the washer-dryer that your oversized comforter magically fits into with no proble.

Yes, home. Where the heart is. The happy place where all of our daily troubles seem to melt away…that is, when home is in the mood.

So let’s take a moment and pledge a note of undying devotion to the castle of our dreams. Our true soulmate, with all of its lovable little quirks and idiosyncrasies. You can’t live without it, even when it drives you mad with its stubborn refusal to heat the water or thoroughly rinse the crusty peanut butter off your butter knives. Or when it throws a tantrum and floods your basement or decides that Thanksgiving would be an appropriate time for your $1,100 kitchen compressor to finally say “enough cat hair” and bid farewell to its mortal coil.

Not that we’re a walk in the park, either. Home has to deal with our imperfections, like the time you ruined a perfectly lovely dinner by stuffing the garbage disposal with uneaten prime rib and then ran it without first turning on the faucet. Let’s just agree that neither of us is perfect—but we’re perfect for each other. And let’s celebrate that love with some haikus between us and our homes:


From the clothes dryer



From the washer


From the plumbing


From the clothes dryer


From the sink


See? It doesn’t take much to express your deeply poetic yearnings to an appliance. Maybe the next time the heat comes on without incident, or the toilet flushes with that reassuring swoosh that reminds you all is well in the world, take a moment to tell them how much they mean to you. A little gesture goes a long way. Maybe a quick peck on your dishwasher’s cheek. Or a simple “love you, furnace” next time you’re in the basement.

Valentine’s Day may only come once a year, but the spirit can live every day. And love never dies, even though someday, in all likelihood, your appliances will.

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