Requesting service from Cinch

Once you have purchased a Cinch home protection plan, we'll send you a welcome kit with detailed information about your plan. Everything else is simple.

Warranty claims and preventive maintenance

When an item breaks down, first verify that the item is covered by your home protection plan. Review your welcome kit or your contract to be sure. You can also review your covered items and download a copy of your contract in My Account. If it looks like your item is covered, place a service request online or call our friendly customer service team, available 24/7 at (844) 324-5688.

Paying your deductible

When you submit your request, we'll also collect your deductible. This is a fee paid per service trade and not per visit or contractor. So, if you have more than one item that needs repair and they are in different service trades — for example, plumbing and electrical work — there will be a deductible due for each one. Also, there could be additional charges if more work is needed to fix the issue. For example, if you need a new concrete slab for a replacement A/C unit, this cost is not covered by the plan.

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Sears customers:

Before requesting service, verify whether you have a Sears Home Warranty or a Sears Protection Agreement.

If you have a Sears Home Warranty, you can use My Account to submit and manage claims. If you have a Sears Protection Agreement, please call (800) 4MY-HOME to speak directly with Sears.

Service appointment

A Cinch Home Services representative will quickly assign a service pro to handle your covered request. If submitting your service request online, in many cases, you can immediately select your preferred appointment time, and your assigned service pro will contact you to confirm. Otherwise, we'll quickly assign a qualified, local technician based on your issue, and they'll contact you to schedule a service appointment.

Peace of mind

Once we confirm that your item is covered by your home protection plan, rest easy. The service pro will repair the item, if possible, or replace it when necessary. Sometimes, parts have to be ordered, but your service pro will schedule a time to come back and complete the work. At Cinch, we take great pride in finding qualified service pros to help you. You can make as many service requests as necessary for covered items unless you have reached any maximum caps in your plan. In addition, with our 180-day workmanship guarantee, you can rest assured that if a problem persists after it's been repaired, we will get it solved at no additional cost to you.