For Real Estate Professionals

Home protection from listing to close.

What your clients get with Cinch

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Comprehensive coverage

Home warranty plans that cover up to 22 appliances and built-in systems.

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A network of experts

Thousands of vetted service pros across the country.

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Digital access anytime

Digital tools, like My Account, put customers in control, 24/7.

Presenting plans to clients

Cinch makes it easy. Visit the Agent Resource Center for even more helpful tips and marketing materials.

simplelist-check Step 1
Use the plan brochure to explain the program benefits.
simplelist-check Step 2
Enroll interested sellers or buyers online. They'll receive a welcome guide in 7-10 days.
simplelist-check Step 3
Ensure the plan is listed on the closing document.
simplelist-check Step 4
Make sure the settlement agent has a copy of the invoice to submit with payment.