For Real Estate Professionals

Home protection from listing to close.

What your clients get with Cinch

Comprehensive coverage

Home protection plans that cover up to 22 appliances and built-in systems.

A network of experts

Thousands of vetted service pros across the country. So we always have someone close by.

Digital access anytime

Digital tools, like My Account and Amazon Alexa, put customers in control, 24/7.

Presenting plans to clients

Cinch makes it easy. Visit the Agent Resource Center for even more helpful tips and marketing materials.

simplelist-check Step 1
Use the plan brochure to explain the program benefits.
simplelist-check Step 2
Enroll interested sellers or buyers online. They'll receive a welcome guide in 7-10 days.
simplelist-check Step 3
Ensure the plan is listed on the closing document.
simplelist-check Step 4
Make sure the settlement agent has a copy of the invoice to submit with payment.