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I am very happy with the sense of security this company provides for me. They are just a phone call or website away to make a claim and are very responsive in a timely manner. My air conditioning unit stopped working during a very hot spell, and I thought I would have to wait a long time, but they found me a company to fix it the very next day! Thank you for everything!

— Ronna W.

They have been consistent, fair and provide good customer service. The claims submission was expedient. The reps were knowledgeable and respectful. The contractors came out within a reasonable amount of time and the quality of work was excellent.

— Lena R.

They were very responsive, and they took good care of me. I submitted my claim online, and navigating through their website was easy. The contractor that they sent did a good job, and he seemed very confident and nice.

— Paul F.

They have been very good, kind and thorough. The guy who did the water heater and the gentleman who fixed the toilets were the finest repair people I've ever had in 70 years on this earth.
John A. Huntsville, AL

I got the home warranty for added protection. I usually submit a claim over the phone, and the process is not difficult at all. The claims rep who helped me as well as the technicians who came here were efficient. Their quality of work was excellent.

— Robert S.

I've been with them for a long time, and everything goes well when I submit my claims. The technicians have been great. The quality of their work has been typically very good.

— Kimberly W.

From calling in because my heat wasn't working to having a new system installed, everyone was so helpful and kind, fast working and oh so helpful. I recommend a home warranty to anyone that owns their home!!

— Debbie P.

I have used them about two or three times a year for different problems, and these contractors are honest, efficient and friendly. Before you get any home warranty company, check them out. You will not be disappointed.

— Ricardo R.

Everything about our experience was super. From customer service to the service men, they were great. Thank goodness we had this warranty.

— Donna L.

I submit claims over the phone and the reps usually answer all of my questions. Within a couple days, they get a contractor out for service and so far, I've been pretty satisfied with the contractors' professionalism and the quality of their work.

— Ronald H.

We've always had people that are very personable and very helpful in explaining what the issue is, and taking care of it. Everything has functioned properly or as expected after they send somebody. I would recommend this company.
Carol R. Cincinnati, OH

This is a great home warranty company. I have family members who also use them. I have not had any problems with them adhering to what is in their warranty booklet.

— Tracy S.

The online process of submitting claims is easy. It takes anywhere from 24 to 72 hours for technicians to come out after I file a claim. The quality of work is good.

— Brandon L.

This is the warranty that my dad has on the house. Submitting a claim was very easy. We use the website and typically hear back very shortly afterwards. Everyone has been great, and the work has been excellent. I'd definitely recommend it.

— David M.

Excellent prompt service. Highly recommend this home warranty company.

— Wayne M.

We figured getting a home warranty would keep the costs down for repairs and things. I call them and tell them what the problem is and they have somebody call back. It's been a great experience.

— Kathryn S.

This is a great company, and I am glad I have a policy with them. I have done business with a competitor in the past and was only left disappointed. I have had only positive experiences with the company. If you are looking to purchase a home warranty, I strongly recommend them!

— Lydia S.

Their customer service was excellent, and I liked their speediness. Filing a claim was easy too, and they handled the situation very quickly.
Christopher R. Roswell, GA

It's easy to submit a claim. Sometimes it takes a little long, but it usually works out in the end. The staff are very nice. The contractors are also excellent. They're courteous, and they usually try to fix it as easy as possible. If they couldn't fix something, they get the part.

— Lisa B.

Always fast, excellent service. I've never had a bad experience. Service people who come out are always fast and on time and get the job done right the first time.

— Cheryl W.

It has been good with us. Anytime anything breaks or needs to be fixed, we would make that phone call and within a day or two, technicians would be out to check whatever is wrong. They either fix the appliance or replace it—whatever they need to do—and they've been really good. They're great and very professional.

— Burna R.

Our technician was knowledgeable, courteous and diagnosed our problem quickly.

— Monique Y.

We usually submit claims online, and someone reaches out to us within 24 hours. They sent a technician who fixed an item that broke down. Our interaction had been fine, and we were satisfied with the work.

— Dawn W.

When I have a claim, I submit it over the phone, and everything is taken care of immediately. They set me up, and the professionals that come out are excellent. I've had the plan for over 15 years now, and I'm very pleased with them. I also recommend them to anybody that I know that has a house or is gonna buy a house.

— Mary F.