What are your home warranty options in California?

What are your home warranty options in California?


While there are many companies that offer California residential warranty home protection, it is helpful to understand the standard options and add-on coverage available to you.

Most home warranty coverage breaks down into three standard home warranty plans: appliance only, systems only and a combo plan. Appliance plans cover items used daily, such as your oven, refrigerator, dishwasher and built-in microwave. For coverage that includes your heating, cooling and plumbing, you'll want to look for a systems plan. The most popular plan by far is a combo plan, which is the highest level of coverage offered by any home warranty policy. The combo plan is exactly what it sounds like: coverage for your home's systems and appliances.

While many warranty companies may list many of the same items, you still need to run a checklist to ensure your particular needs are covered. Additionally, the details in your home warranty coverage, such as maximum annual payouts, can vary. Some companies have a very short time period for covering workmanship.

If you are worried this may affect you, choose a home warranty policy from Cinch Home Services, which has a 180-day guarantee on workmanship.


Why are home warranties especially important to have in California?

In the Golden State, a home warranty can help your home sell quicker and at a premium price. After a home inspection has been completed, the warranty plan can help give your buyer added comfort and peace of mind. The home warranty policy will cover the repair cost of the home's major appliances for a period of one year and can be renewed at any time by the buyer. Sometimes the homeowner will include a home warranty plan at no additional charge in the real estate transaction.

Finding a contractor isn’t always an easy task. And when you find a contractor, you may find that labor and material costs have increased substantially due to heightened demand. A home warranty can help alleviate both of these issues. At Cinch Home Services, we have over 15,000 vetted and licensed contractors in our network. When we send a repair expert to your home, you will be liable only for the deductible that you selected at signup for any covered repairs.


Why do you need a home warranty in addition to home insurance in California?

Home insurance policies cover damage caused by unforeseen, catastrophic events, such as wind, theft, hail, fire and water damage. Many California homeowners’ insurance policies also include liability protection in the unfortunate case of injuries sustained to guests on the property.

Homeowners’ insurance won't cover damages to appliances or home system breakdowns unless it is the direct result of a specific event. For instance, if a tornado knocks down that palm tree in your backyard and it lands in your dining room, your home insurance policy may cover the cost of replacing a damaged appliance in addition to any structural damage.


How does a home warranty protect you and save you money in California?

A home warranty policy protects your home against expensive repairs of your home's critical appliances and mechanical systems (such as your electrical, heating, cooling and plumbing systems).

Even if you purchased a newly built house, a home warranty can help you save on out-of-pocket costs. A manufacturer's warranty is a limited warranty that can last from six months to a year. After it expires, your home warranty coverage can help you cover a home appliance or home system.


What is usually not covered by a home warranty in California?

Most major appliances and systems will be covered by your home warranty company, but pay attention to any exclusions or limitations of your specific warranty plan. Generally, a home warranty plan will cover your home systems or appliances; alternatively, those items and systems can be covered under a single combo plan.

The following are items that are not covered by a standard California home warranty:

  1. Pre-existing issues
  2. Using out-of-network service providers
  3. Garage doors and tracks
  4. Windows, walls and doors
  5. Leaky roofs
  6. Sprinkler systems
  7. Pools and hot tubs
  8. Solar water heaters

The specific coverage offered by your policy will be outlined in your home service contract. Your home warranty plan may not cover a water heater or garbage disposal, for instance, unless you select a home systems plan or a combo plan.

Review your home warranty plan details to ensure you understand where you have coverage gaps and whether or not those gaps are covered by your homeowners’ insurance. Your home warranty company's customer service department should be able to easily answer any warranty coverage questions you may have.


What should you look for in a home warranty policy in California?

The best California home warranty companies will detail comprehensive coverage for major home systems and appliances, offer flexible warranty plan pricing and have impeccable customer service.

No matter which California home warranty company you select, be sure to review your service contract. If you think you will use the home warranty policy more than two to three times throughout the year, select a lower deductible or service fee. Unless you reach your maximum caps in the year, you can make as many home service claims as you need for items covered in your home warranty plan.


How do you file a claim against your home warranty in California?

Your home service contract will detail how to file a warranty service request. This may vary by warranty company.

At Cinch Home Services, you can open your service request online 24/7 in My Account or by calling (844) 324-5688.

Cinch Home Services offers a variety of coverage plans for California homeowners that can be adjusted to meet your budget and needs. Our customer service team will happily answer any questions you have about your personal coverage needs.

Discover the Cinch difference. Choose a plan and start protecting your home today!

The best California home warranty companies will detail comprehensive coverage for major home systems and appliances. Visit the Cinch site to learn more.