Home Warranty in Arizona: What You Should Know

Key takeaways:

  • Arizona's growing cities like Phoenix and Scottsdale, along with natural attractions in Tucson and Gilbert, make it a desirable and affordable place to live, leading to increased home sales from 2014 to 2021.
  • Home warranty coverage protects homeowners from unexpected expenses and can attract potential buyers, especially when buying an older home, selling a home, or dealing with older appliances.
  • Standard components of a home warranty plan in Arizona include an annual contract, a deductible, a service fee, and access to a network of technicians. Available plans include appliance, systems, and complete home plans.
  • The average cost for a home warranty plan in Arizona is $550 per year. When choosing a provider, consider the company's experience, pricing, and the variety of plan options available.

There are many reasons to call Arizona home. From the allure of rapidly growing cities like Phoenix and Scottsdale to places like Tucson and Gilbert that are a dream for any nature enthusiast, Arizona presents tons of stunning, affordable options. Given all of its attractive areas, it makes perfect sense that between 2014 and 2021, the number of homes sold has increased each year. 

If you are buying or selling a home in Arizona, having the right home warranty coverage may help protect you and your budget from unexpected expenses. Additionally, having a home warranty plan in place can be a strong selling point to potential buyers.    

Join us as we examine the cost, benefits and specific situations in which home warranty coverage can benefit you as a homeowner in Arizona. If you're in the market for a home warranty plan or considering a renewal, we're here to provide the information you need to make an informed decision. 


What's typically included in a home warranty plan in Arizona? 

A few specific components of a home warranty plan are standard in Arizona. When you get home warranty coverage, you can expect to become familiar with these.  

An annual contract

In short, a home warranty is a service contract between a homeowner and a company that helps cover the repair and maintenance costs of home systems and appliances for a given period. Typically, you'll sign an annual contract with the company.  

There's usually a deductible

Depending on your chosen plan, you may have a deductible or out-of-pocket expense to which you'll contribute. Don't panic; this is standard no matter what home warranty company you  choose.  

A standard service fee

When a covered appliance or system breaks down, this is the cost of having a service technician come to diagnose and fix the problem. Thankfully, some companies apply your deductible to this fee. According to Thisoldhouse.com, a standard service call fee is between $65 and $125. 

A network of technicians

If your refrigerator stops working, who will you call to fix it? What about a broken AC system? If you suddenly find yourself in a bind for a repairman, you could be in a frustrating search for the right company to help. You can avoid this frantic research process when you have home warranty coverage. Home warranty companies usually come with a network of service technicians that you can rely on. This should save you a great deal of time.


What kinds of plans are usually available to choose from?

Now that you know about some of the common aspects of home warranty in Arizona, let's dive deeper. Here are the three most common types of warranty plans that are available to Arizona homeowners: 

Appliance plans

Appliance-based plans are typically the most basic and least expensive Arizona home warranty plans. They cover repairs to significant home appliances due to normal wear and tear, including microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers.  

Systems plans

Systems-based plans are meant to protect the key systems in your home, including your HVAC, electrical systems and plumbing. This kind of plan is meant to help you avoid hefty repair bills that can come with repairing or replacing an AC system.  

Complete home plans

A complete home plan is the most comprehensive plan available. While the name of the plan may differ, most home warranty companies offer this kind of plan, which typically covers most of your home's appliances and systems. This is usually the most expensive option, but it also offers the most extensive coverage.


When should Arizona homeowners purchase home warranty coverage?

Let's face it: As a homeowner, you're probably faced with many offers every week related to your home. While a home warranty plan isn't mandatory like homeowner's insurance, it can be particularly beneficial in a few instances.  

When buying a house: If you are purchasing an older home, the appliances and systems could be experiencing some wear and tear. In a competitive real estate market, things such as the condition of appliances can make a huge difference. Home warranty protection gives you the peace of mind that you'll know who to call when things break down.  

When selling your home: According to Forbes, Arizona home sellers who provide home warranty coverage sell their homes 11 days faster than those who do not. As a seller, having home warranty coverage can make your home stand out.  

When you have older appliances: This one should make perfect sense. If you have an old washer and dryer, it is more likely to cause some issues. The same can be said for your dishwasher, microwave and other appliances and systems. Our beloved appliances experience wear and tear over the years, so they need repairs.  

When your savings are low: As a homeowner, it may feel like there's always something to pay. If you have home warranty coverage for your Arizona home, you can rest assured that you won't have to come out of pocket to cover the cost of repairs completely. This will open up your budget to spend more money on more enjoyable things.  

When renting out your property: If you own rental properties in Arizona, having home warranty coverage can save you lots of money. Renters don't always care for your home as you would, so having a trusted network of service technicians to help keep your home in working order can help you save.


How comprehensive should a home warranty in Arizona be? 

When determining the level of coverage you need for your Arizona home, consider the climate and the median age of homes in the state. 

On the one hand, Arizona homes are frequently subjected to extreme heat, and specific systems like HVAC tend to have a shorter lifespan than in more moderate climates. When considering the right coverage, invest in a plan that covers HVAC.  

On the other hand, Arizona's median home age is the second youngest in the country, at 30 years old. This means that your systems and appliances could be newer than those of the average American household. This could indicate that your appliances may last longer than you anticipate and give you fewer issues than an older home.  

According to Fixr, the average cost for an Arizona home warranty plan is $550 per year. This is on the lower end of the cost nationwide, so when you are making decisions about how comprehensive your coverage should be, keep in mind that you could have better coverage at a lower cost than homeowners across the nation.


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How can you find the best home warranty provider for your Arizona home? 

Once you've decided what kind of Arizona home warranty coverage your home needs, the next step is to find the right company. When choosing the right warranty partner, pay attention to the following factors. 

Experience: Age doesn't always guarantee expertise, but it is frequently a good sign. The longer your company has been in business, the better its network and quality of work may be. Do yourself a favor and shop around before settling.  

Price: When looking for the best home warranty provider, ensure the price is right! This doesn't necessarily mean you should seek the cheapest option. Ensure you have a company that offers a fair price for the protection you expect. 

Plan Options: Once you've decided on the kind of home warranty coverage you need, make sure the home warranty company you choose offers a wide variety of options to fit the needs of your home and your budget.


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