Frequently asked questions

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Home warranty coverage

Why should I choose Cinch’s home warranty plan?

When it comes to choosing a home warranty company, we know you have options, but if you’re wondering why you should pick Cinch, we think it’s pretty simple. We have more than four decades of home industry experience. We also have a nationwide network of carefully vetted, experienced service providers, and we offer all sorts of extras you won’t find elsewhere – including our 180-day workmanship guarantee to back it all up!

What types of failures are covered?

Generally, these plans cover a mechanical breakdown from routine use, sometimes referred to as “normal wear and tear.” This means that mechanical parts, such as motors and switches, and parts like knobs and handles are covered. To fully understand what parts are covered, it is best to read the terms and conditions.

What is NOT covered?

Other non-mechanical items in your home, like the roof, windows, walls and doors, are typically not included in protection plan coverage. Also, if a covered item was improperly installed or repaired, your plan will likely not cover it. It's important to read the details included in the General Exclusions and Limitations section of the terms and conditions. You can also read the terms and conditions before you buy a plan online. Or, call us with any questions.

Can I customize my plan with additional items?

We offer optional add-ons that may be added for an extra cost per year to any of our three plans: Appliances, Built-in Systems and Complete Home.

The optional coverage items include a pool only (heater included), spa only (heater included), pool with spa (heater included), septic tank/pumping, well pump and a premier upgrade package, which provides additional coverage for permits, code upgrades and more. Each item is priced separately, ranging from $4.58 to $22 per month.

You can also read the sample contract for exclusions and limitations.

When does coverage begin?

There is a waiting period from the time you purchase your plan to when you can request service. You'll be advised exactly when your coverage begins before you complete your purchase. In addition, your confirmation email and plan documents will include this information.

Are there caps or maximums?

Yes, for some items. The cap is the maximum the plan will pay for repairs or replacements during your coverage period. This maximum amount might vary per item covered, or it can be a total cap across all items. Check the terms and conditions for details.

What is a deductible?

Similar to an insurance deductible, this is your share of a covered repair or replacement event, not including any non-covered charges or amounts over caps and limitations that may apply, which is generally collected at the time of a service request. Most plans offer multiple deductible options, so you can choose to pay more per month for the plan and have a lower deductible; or vice versa.

Will you replace my system or appliance if it cannot be repaired?

If we determine that your system or appliance cannot be repaired, we’ll replace the unit with a similar model with comparable capacity that meets all federal manufacturing standards and performs the same primary function as the broken unit, while also covering the new unit’s full purchase price and cost of installation. Read more details in our terms and conditions.

How does the claim process work?

At Cinch, we strive to keep our claims process simple. If you have a problem with a system or appliance, first review your coverage to make sure you have a claim. Then request service by calling or reaching out to us online. Next, we’ll have a service provider contact you so that you can agree on a good time for an in-person appointment, at which time your appliance or system will be diagnosed, repaired and/or replaced, unless a part needs to be ordered or acquired first.

Why would I want a home warranty if I already have homeowner’s insurance?

Required by mortgage lenders, homeowners’ insurance protects your home from weather and theft, as well as covering your liability if someone is injured while on your property. Only sometimes will it also cover some or all of your home’s systems and appliances. If, like many homeowners, you look into your coverage and discover that these systems and appliances are exempt, a home warranty is a great way to fill that coverage gap and get peace of mind. Still unsure about the difference? Read our FAQ article discussing home warranties vs. home insurance.

Plan costs

How much does a Cinch plan cost?

Costs vary by region and type of coverage. Find specific pricing in your area.

Or, learn more about the pricing of home warranties via our FAQ library including what can affect pricing, what plans are available, and more.

What are my payment options?

In most cases, you can choose monthly or annual payment.

When and how will I be charged?

You will be charged once your plan becomes active, at which point we'll charge the payment method you provided.

Service requests

What do I do when something breaks down?

You can open your service request online in My Account. You can also speak with our friendly customer service team, who is available 24/7 at (844) 324-5688.

What am I responsible for?

Your deductible is due at the time of the service. A couple of other helpful reminders:

1. The deductible is per service trade. So, if you have more than one item that needs repair and they are in different service trades – for example, a plumber and an electrician – there will be a deductible due for each one.

2. There could be additional charges if more work is needed to fix the issue. For example, if a permit is needed, or you need a new concrete slab for a replacement A/C unit, those costs are not covered by the plan.

How many service requests can I make?

You can make as many service requests as necessary for covered items, unless you have reached any maximum caps in your plan.

How do you choose your service providers?

Every service provider that we refer has undergone an extensive screening and selection process, which includes, but is not limited to, license checks and verification of active liability insurance. We also have a continuous process of monitoring our service providers and scoring them based on customer feedback.

My Account and managing your plan

How do I manage my Cinch home warranty plan?

You can create an account any time after you purchase your plan by visiting My Account. Have your Plan Number (also known as your Contract Number) available for quick sign-up.

You'll be asked to verify your email address and set up a password. That's it! Here are a few things you can do in My Account:

  • Download your plan documents
  • Open a service request
  • Check service request status
  • Change your payment method (if you currently pay by credit card or bank account)
  • Update your contact information

To renew or cancel your contract, please contact our friendly customer service team at (844) 324-5688.

What is My Account?

My Account is where you can conveniently manage your plan online, anytime, day or night. It's easy, mobile-friendly and secure.

Here are a few things you can do in My Account:

  • Download your plan documents
  • Open a service request
  • Check service request status
  • Change your payment method (if you currently pay by credit card or bank account)
  • Update your contact information
How do I log into My Account?

Visit My Account where you can conveniently manage your plan online, anytime, day or night. It's easy, mobile-friendly and secure.

How do I request service?

At Cinch, requesting a service for home warranty claims is as easy as accessing our website or making a quick phone call to a (844) 324-5688. If you prefer to make your request online, simply log in to your account at For even faster access, you can skip the account login, if you prefer. Without logging into your account, if you have an existing protection plan or Cinch On-Demand job, you can submit a service request or check service request status as a guest.

How do I renew my home warranty?

We’re glad to have you with us, and hope you’d like to continue your coverage. You’ll be notified in advance whether you need to renew, or if you’re already on an automatically renewing plan, you’ll also be notified of any rate and/or coverage changes, no less than 30 days before your current agreement expires. For more details, see our terms and conditions.

How do I cancel my contract?

We hope you’ll stick around, as we strive to make our services well worth your while. However, you’re always free to cancel your agreement by phone or in writing, within 30 days of the coverage effective date, for a full refund of the contract fees paid – if no claim has been made. If you’d like to read more details on how cancellation works, see our terms and conditions.