How to recharge your brand and reach more customer segments

Key tips to remember

  • Building a good social media presence is vital in today’s market.
  • Finding a niche can increase your reputation and business.
  • Creating high quality photography, videography or 3D/virtual tours can go a long way.
  • Partnering with Cinch is a great way to increase peace of mind during transactions.

It can be difficult to stay at the top of the real estate market. With plenty of competition, ever-changing customer needs and the expanding impact of social media in business, real estate agents occasionally might feel the need to recharge their brand in order to maintain or increase their profits. Thankfully, there are a couple of simple ways to boost your brand and get ahead of the competition.


Make the most of social media

In today’s landscape, social media can play a pivotal role in reaching new customers — especially when targeting millennials. By focusing on having modern and active social media platforms, real estate agents can build their following and, subsequently, their business.

Instagram is an especially powerful tool to engage with buyers and potential buyers. And with the right profile and content, you can refresh your image and target new audiences. Beautiful photos and succinct captions explaining the merits of your listings can go a long way toward selling more houses.

In addition to having active social media profiles, you can invest in digital marketing to expand your reach. By advertising on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, you can control who your ads are targeting, accessing people who would have never come across or considered your business in areas of conventional advertising.


Find a niche

By specializing in a certain type of real estate, agents can gain authority on a sector of the market and reach new demographics. Whether it be luxury homes, waterfront properties, condos or a certain type of subdivision, when you specialize in something, you have the ability to learn everything about it and become a more knowledgeable, helpful agent. Buyers and sellers both love enlisting the help of an expert, as you are able to better help both get what they desire.


Invest in new photography and other digital tools

High-quality photography not only helps with selling homes but also selling yourself. Good headshots and action shots of you in houses working with people give the impression of a successful agent and make great content for your website or social media pages.

With people increasingly spending more time shopping for real estate online, great photos are vital in order to sell properties. Today, still photos might not even be enough. Realtors are increasingly posting videos of homes or 3D tours and floor plans that provide a comprehensive virtual tour of the house for potential buyers. This gives people an opportunity to get a good impression of the entire property before they have even journeyed to see it for themselves.


Partner with Cinch

Clients want to work with the best. Being the best means not only being the best yourself but also partnering with the best providers in your marketplace. Provide your buyers and sellers with peace of mind during the real estate transaction and help build your own profits by partnering with Cinch Home Services.

Cinch home protection plans add value and recharge your transaction by delivering real results:

  • Fewer days on market with an average of 11 days less
  • A higher average selling price with an average of $2,300 more
  • Confidence that the appliances and systems are in good working order or covered if a breakdown happens
  • A smoother experience for all involved
  • An improved reputation in the market for agents, which can lead to more sales and referrals

So recharge your brand for the new year with Cinch Home Services — your partner for success in 2020 and beyond! For more information about Cinch's real estate protection plans, click here.

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