How long do home appliances last?

How long do home appliances last?

Key takeaways

  • Home appliances may last as long as 35 years and as short as five years.
  • Can you guess what home appliances have the longest and shortest lifespans?
  • Having home warranty coverage is one of the best ways a homeowner – or home seller – can gain peace of mind.
  • No matter how old your appliances are, a Cinch home warranty will cover them without requiring an inspection, proof of purchase or maintenance receipts.

Guess what home appliance or system lasts the longest? Hint: it helps keep a home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. No, it’s not the HVAC or heating and cooling system. It's the thermostat. According to a report by Consumer Reports, a home thermostat lasts an average of 35 years.

What appliances have the shortest average lifespan? A window air conditioning unit has an average life of five to seven years and a trash compactor six years, reports the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Keep in mind that these are averages. Many home appliances will last a lot longer, others a lot shorter. And regular upkeep and the occasional repair can extend the life of major home appliances.

Here are the Top Five home major appliances that have the most endurance, according to the InterNACHI:

Appliance                               Lifespan in years

Gas Range                               15 to 17

Electric Range                        13 to 15

Dryer                                       13

Disposal (food)                       12

Freezer                                    10 to 20

The Bottom Five major home appliances with the least endurance:

Appliance                               Lifespan in years

Air conditioner (single unit)   5 to 7

Washing Machine                   5 to 15

Trash compactor                     6

Humidifier                              8

Dehumidifier                           8

Dishwasher                             9


Having home warranty coverage is one of the best ways a homeowner – or home seller – can gain peace of mind. When a covered appliance fails, protected homeowners and sellers only need to make one call.

Newer appliances fail too

The fact is even newer home appliances can have problems, and do, in the first five years.

A Consumer Reports member survey found 40% of all refrigerators have problems within the first five years. The median repair cost for this single appliance was $162.

Refrigerators are not the only appliance, when newer, that can have problems. For example, one in three dishwashers and washing machines will need repair within the first five years, as will one in four ranges and over-the-counter microwaves.

A Cinch Home Warranty can protect home appliances of any age because Cinch does not have an age limitation for appliances. No matter how old the appliance is, no inspection, proof of purchase or maintenance receipts are required as long as it works when the coverage begins.

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