The Cinch gift guide for “the tricky ones”

The Cinch gift guide for “the tricky ones”

We help you find the perfect gift for:

  • The gadget lover
  • The pet owner
  • The jetsetter
  • The busy multitasker
  • The homeowner

When it comes to holiday gift shopping, we always wind up with a few last tricky-to-shop-for friends and family on our lists. They’re the people we’d love to find the perfect gift for, if only we knew where to begin.

This year, we’ve finally figured it out: We’re turning to gifts that bring extra convenience and peace of mind at home. As you gear up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, check out this quick list for gift suggestions that are as thoughtful as they are practical.

For the gadget lover: A virtual assistant

Make anyone’s life more convenient with the gift of a virtual assistant: a gadget designed to do everything from providing news, weather and sports updates to streaming podcasts and making to-do lists. Since virtual assistants are relatively affordable, but come with a wide range of capabilities (and often give you the option to download even more) they’re a great option for friends and family of any age.

If your loved one has a Cinch Home Protection Plan, virtual assistants that feature Alexa can be especially helpful, since they can use Alexa to place service requests, get information about their plan and more.

For the pet owner: A pet camera

It’s only natural to wonder what our cats and dogs do while we’re away from home. That’s why pet cameras — small, wifi-enabled cameras intended for inside the home — make a great gift for anyone with a furry friend. Some models even include built-in microphones that allow users to remotely interact with pets through an app.

For the jetsetter: A portable power bank

Power banks are perfect for those on the go, from jetsetters to business trippers, but they’re handy around the house, too. If the power goes out, it’s important to have another option available for charging your phone. But even when that’s not an issue, it can be helpful for those times when you want to stay powered up, but aren’t within easy reach of an outlet.

For the busy multitasker: A Bluetooth tracker

Bluetooth trackers offer a smart, easy way to help anyone keep tabs on important items. Just by attaching a small, inconspicuous tracker to any object, like a keyring or laptop, the user can track down its location via a companion app and activate a built-in alarm in case it’s hidden from view. These functions come in handy for often-misplaced items and valuables alike, and can give extra peace of mind to anyone with a busy lifestyle.

For the homeowner: A Cinch home protection plan

No matter how you celebrate the holidays, chances are that your whole family is a bit busier this time of year: hosting, baking, gift shopping, party-hopping, decorating… the list goes on. With a Cinch home protection plan, you can make sure no one has to take time away from the festivities to address sudden home maintenance concerns. As a gift, it could save your loved ones time, money and frustration for months and years to come. From first-time homebuyers to elderly family members, everyone can benefit from a plan that minimizes the sudden hassles of home ownership.

If you don’t have a Cinch plan yourself just yet, now is the right time to get one. The best time to invest in a home protection plan is before you need it! Learn more about each Cinch plan and get in touch with our team today to discuss the best options, whether you’re shopping for loved ones or yourself. We’re here to help, and hope your holiday season is filled with comfort, joy and peace of mind.

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