Interior decorating programs can help agents get a virtual edge

Key Tips to Remember

  • Try several virtual reality (VR) technologies that let you design the interior
  • Take advantage of VR to help customers envision their home as they would want it
  • Give your service a technological edge others won’t have

While some real estate professionals are now tinkering in virtual reality, there are simpler programs that let agents and clients redesign homes to help buyers better visualize themselves in a new house.

There's no question that virtual and augmented reality are cutting-edge, exciting tech options for the real estate industry, but there are plenty of computer- and tablet-based software options that can help agents achieve similar goals without the kind of larger investment AR and VR typically require.

There is a wide variety of interior design programs — often available at little to no cost — that allows agents or clients to virtually create and decorate rooms that fit the specifications of a home currently listed as for sale. Some are even web based so agents don't have to download anything.

Once agents start using the programs in question, they will often have access to thousands of virtual objects — from coffee tables and couches to kitchen islands and window shades — that users can put where they want within the floor plan of a home. This can help would-be buyers really envision themselves in a home matching the dimensions of any number of listings.

Moreover, the most advanced offerings for this type of software will really allow users to get into the nitty-gritty of home design, changing everything from windows and doors to fireplaces.

With this in mind, agents might be wise to take the time to play around with a few of these programs to see if any really intrigue them. If so, they might provide an extra tech edge that other agents in the area may not have yet.

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