How to make Mother’s Day memorable this year

Key tips to remember

  • Craft up a special piece for Mom that complements your artistic abilities.
  • Make sure to give Mom a call or video visit on her special day.
  • Cook up your favorite family dish for yourself or your family.


Whether stay-at-home orders have had you back home with family or not, it’s hard to deny that mothers have been thriving everywhere. We see moms all over the country — all over the world — supplementing their children’s education, supporting the household and being quarantine heroes.

And with everyone at home, the household is more chaotic than usual: There are more dishes to do, more places to tidy and more activities to plan. But, in spite of the array of new challenges and lifestyle adjustments we’re all facing today, the mothers in our lives are fearlessly leading the way.

In celebration of Mother’s Day on May 10th, and to stand in solidarity with mothers everywhere, here are some simple ways you can show your appreciation to all the moms in your life.

Get crafty.

If there’s one thing mothers love, it’s saving and showing off their children’s art. The good, the bad, the complicated — moms love it all because it was made by their pride and joy. This makes creating a piece of art a fun and inspired gift idea for Mother’s Day.

For the more artistically inclined, you may choose to do something more elaborate, such as a portrait or painting. It’s always memorable to illustrate scenes or individuals that you both treasure; draw or paint your childhood home, a self-portrait or even a picture of your dog!

An easier option is to print out photos you’ve taken. Make a photo series dedicated to your mom or things that remind you of her. Strive for something that strikes a chord. If it means something to you, it will likely mean even more to her. If you don’t own a printer or have a lot of photos on hand, don’t stress — there are many online services that can produce and mail photo gifts for you.

Gather the family for a virtual celebration.

Even if your mom is in another city or state, there are still a ton of ways to make her day. Chances are, if you live far apart, she misses you incredibly. So, a great way to show your love is simply to spend time with her on Mother’s Day, and there is a broad selection of video chatting apps and resources you can use to connect.

Houseparty lets you group chat, which is great for other family members who want in. Play games, do trivia or organize other fun activities with the whole crew. There are also standard video chatting platforms, such as Messenger, FaceTime, WhatsApp and GroupMe. No matter the family preference, a lot of platforms have embedded games and fun filters to put a smile on mom’s face.

Cook up something special.

The number one way to a person’s heart is good food. Even if your mom is no cook, everyone can appreciate a home-cooked meal. Food is generational. You learn by following recipes and making a mess, but before you know it, you’re cooking for yourself. All of this goes back to the food you grew up with, the recipes you ate on special evenings and your favorite home meals that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Treat your mother by attempting to cook one of the family’s favorite dishes. Not only do you get a tinge of nostalgia, but your mom, if she’s the usual chef, also gets a break! Show off the skills you’ve learned, and cook a meal she loves. Even if you’re not social distancing alongside your mom, this is still a fun way to celebrate her. Take photos of you cooking and, of course, the finished dish. You could even order delivery of the same dish for her from a local restaurant so you can enjoy the same meal from afar. Voilà — happy Mother’s Day!

Don’t forget to show your mom you care during this stay-home mandate — and every day. There are still a variety of creative ideas and fun ways to spend time together and to celebrate the special day. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and whether we admit it or not, we could probably all use a little more quality time with our moms.

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