A guide to appliance repair in Atlanta

A guide to appliance repair in Atlanta



Ever struggled with finding the best appliance repair shop in Atlanta, Georgia? You’re not alone. While the city has tons of options, picking the one that meets your repair needs can be confusing. Some shops may be far away but cheap, whereas the ones closer to home may be more expensive.

That said, apart from price, you should consider several other factors before giving your appliance to a shop for repairs. Our guide to the best appliance repair Atlanta company in Roswell, Cumming and Atlanta will help you understand some of these factors and find the perfect match. 


What to look for when choosing an appliance repair company in Atlanta

There are several things you should consider when choosing the best appliance repair company. It’s important to check reviews and ratings, the number of years the shop has been operational, the business’s repair qualifications, and the locations in which it operates. 

Online business reviews and ratings

There are many search pages that list appliance repair companies in Atlanta. Before choosing the best service operator directly from these websites, read through their reviews and ratings. Reading reviews and ratings will help you understand other customers’ experiences with the appliance repair shop and whether the company was willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer's devices were fixed.

Is the company arguing with the customer and intent on having the last word? Is the company trying to understand the feedback and ready to find a solution to satisfy the customer? Questions like these will help you understand whether the company values its customers and intends to ensure they have a good experience.

While looking at rating websites, ensure that the company you are viewing is not a paid advertisement. Many companies pay online review websites to display their company at the top of the website to generate more visibility. It is usually indicated with the words “AD” written in blue. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is bad. Still, it’s worth being careful and making your decision based on authentic customer reviews.

How long they’ve been in business

The company’s experience in repairing products can make a big difference in ensuring it can repair your appliance without damaging it further. The technician should be aware of the basic workings of the product. The technician must be aware of new technology and software updates and know how to fix such problems.

The more skilled the technician, the easier and quicker it is to fix an appliance. Moreover, you will also get expert advice if your technician is familiar with the latest appliances, like those from KitchenAid or Maytag.

You can start by asking the company or their representative how long they’ve been in the business. This will be a clear indicator of their experience. Next, you can also ask for customer testimonials or speak to others in your community about their experience with the company.

Repair business qualifications

To understand the appliance repair company better, find out about its qualifications. Is it accredited by the Better Business Bureau? Does it have any certifications from Angi, Yellow Pages or Yelp? Does your appliance’s manufacturer authorize it to repair the brand’s appliances?

These details can help you decide whether you’d like to give your expensive household equipment to this shop for repairs.

Areas of Atlanta the repair company serves

Even if you find a great appliance repair company in the Atlanta area, you need to know whether it provides service in your residential area. Most home equipment needs to be fixed immediately. 

For instance, you might need instant refrigerator repair for your Kenmore or Amana freezer if it’s struggling to reach sub-zero temperature. Otherwise, your food will go bad, and you will not be able to store groceries.

To avoid any kind of mishap, finding an appliance repair company that provides service in your area is crucial. This way, your major appliances can be fixed in no time.


Questions to ask your Atlanta appliance repair company

When you contact an Atlanta appliance repair company, you should ask a series of questions before giving it your appliances. These questions will help you determine whether the shop is the right one for you and will give you peace of mind:

  • How much will it cost to repair the appliance?
  • How much does the replacement of the appliance cost?
  • What’s covered by a home warranty?
  • When should I buy a home warranty?
  • Where can I check reviews for your company?
  • How long have you been in the repair business?
  • Which are the plans you suggest?
  • What is not covered in a home warranty?
  • How can I contact customer service?
  • What time can I contact customer service?
  • How long will it take to repair the appliance?
  • Do you offer same-day service?
  • How can I renew the plan?
  • Is there an assurance or guarantee for workmanship?
  • What happens if there is an unknown pre-existing condition in the appliance?
  • Is there rust and corrosion coverage in the plan?
  • Do you offer discounts or deals on new appliances?
  • How can I manage my plans once I become a customer?

These questions will help you compare companies and choose the one offering the best deals and quality services.

Ask about their service warranty

A service warranty at an appliance repair company helps to protect your home appliances in case of a breakdown. When an appliance becomes faulty, it is difficult and expensive to fix or replace. The duration of a service warranty could be one year or more, depending on the company providing it. The purpose of a service warranty is to give the buyer protection against unnecessary costs.

A service warranty protects customers when purchasing an expensive appliance by paying a small premium. Customers also have the advantage of immediately booking an appointment and having the appliance fixed by an expert.

Ask about their experience with your brand of appliances

When you book an appointment with an appliance repair company, it’s best to ask if it has worked on a specific appliance or the appliance brand. 

Devices can break down for various reasons, but if the specialists are familiar with an appliance or the brand, they may know about specific problems with those appliances or understand the mechanics behind how that brand makes its products. As a customer, you will be happy with their judgment and rely more on their opinion.

Ask about pricing, fees, estimates, forms of payment and more

You don’t just need a dependable and quick appliance repair service, but also a cost-effective one. It’s important to find out the company's pricing and fee structure. Most repairmen give you the final invoice after the task is completed.

However, you should ask for an estimate before the repair work begins. It helps ensure the repair work is within your budget. You can also inquire if the appliance repair company has any ongoing warranty plans. 

Enrolling your major home appliances for a home warranty plan is game-changing. The National Association of REALTORS states there is a 60% chance that a home appliance will face some issue within any given year. With an average repair cost of about $900, you need to be sure you’re covered. 

That said, getting a home warranty is worth considering. Home warranties ensure that you’re covered should something go wrong again. The cost of your home warranty plan depends on which appliances you want to protect. 

You should ask about the methods of payment the appliance repair company accepts. Some service providers accept cash, while others take credit cards. It is best to get this out of the way before the repair work begins.

While you’re discussing costs, find out if your service provider charges extra for visits after normal working hours. There’s a high likelihood of using the appliance outside of business hours and on the weekend, so it’s worth knowing beforehand if there are additional charges.

Ask about the repair company’s insurance

All appliance repair companies have a detailed agreement. This agreement is a long document listing out the aspects of home appliances that are covered and not covered. 

You want to make sure the company has insurance if something goes wrong or the specialist is hurt while repairing the appliance. You should also get a guarantee from the company for if the appliance breaks down again within a few days of the repair. In such a scenario, the appliance repair company should provide the service without any additional fees.

Check the repair company’s appointment availability

Repair appliance companies, especially the best ones, are always in high demand. Ask your service team member about the process of making an appointment. It would be pointless if you had to wait for months to get your home appliance fixed. Appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, dryers and cooktops are used daily and must be repaired ASAP. 


What to do when you have an appliance emergency in Atlanta

Waiting a long time for someone to fix your home appliance can be annoying. It’s not always possible to stay home and wait for a repair professional to fix your appliance during work hours.

If you have an appliance emergency in Atlanta, you should find a repair company that can take an emergency home service call by sending a repairman out the same day or the next day. Check with them if making a visit during off-hours is possible, and if so, will there be an additional cost.

Additionally, if you already have a home warranty, like those offered by Cinch Home Services, you can often get an appointment and a home visit faster.


What’s the best appliance repair service in Atlanta?

When looking for the best appliance repair service in Atlanta, you should check off several criteria. An appliance repair service should be able to repair all kinds of home appliances, including dishwasher repair, clothes washer repair, oven repair and dryer repair. It should also have expert knowledge of major brand products like Samsung, Bosch, Frigidaire, Whirlpool and Viking.

Next, you should go online and read reviews. Find out what people think about the shop’s work, customer service and overall reputation. Don’t just look at a company’s good reviews. Glance through bad reviews as well and analyze the company’s responses. Did the company ensure that the customer’s needs were satisfied?

Lastly, but most importantly, ensure the company provides service in your neighborhood so you don’t have to wait long to get an appointment and a visit. 

If all your criteria are met, you should analyze different plans offered by the appliance repair company. Choose the one that meets all your requirements. The plan should mention everything that it covers, any additional charges applicable, and the turnaround time to fix your products.


Let Cinch handle the process of finding a professional repair person for you

Cinch provides a warranty for home appliances and built-in systems. Repair work for refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, dishwashers, plumbing and HVAC systems are all included in the home warranty contract. 

Our home protection plans are affordable and reduce costs for repairing appliances and resolving system issues. We have three types of warranty plans:

  • Home Appliances plan: Our home applianceswarranty covers the major home appliances. The plan includes kitchen and laundry appliances. 
  • Built-in Systems plan: This warranty covers the core systems in your home. It includes heating and cooling units, heat pumps, plumbing and electrical components.
  • Complete Home plan: Our complete home warranty includes comprehensive coverage of all of the appliances and systems included in the first two plans. 

Cinch’s protection plans provide a 180-day workmanship guarantee, protection against unknown problems, and cover rust and corrosion.

The warranty claim follows a smooth process. When a home appliance or a system breaks down, you can easily request service. Just give us a call or send us a message through your online account informing us of the problem, and you’ll receive a prompt response from our team.

A verified technician will contact you and set up an appointment at your convenience. Our technicians are repair experts and know their way around appliances. If a part needs to be ordered, they will handle it for you. 

Our repair technicians are punctual, polite and reliable. Our network of professionals extends across the country. They are carefully vetted, experts in their fields and have abundant experience. 

You can also customize your warranty plan at an additional fee. These add-ons can be combined with any of our plans. They are particularly helpful if you have a pool, a spa, a septic tank or a well pump. 

When selecting a plan, keep in mind that there is a waiting period between purchasing a plan and requesting a service. Before you make your purchase, you will be informed when your coverage begins. 

There are caps on repairing certain items. Caps are the maximum amount a plan will pay for a repair or replacement. The details for caps are mentioned in the terms and conditions

If you are looking for a home warranty plan that is affordable, convenient and prompt, Cinch is the perfect choice for you. Reach out today for your instant quote!


Struggling with finding an appliance repair shop in Atlanta? To know about what factors and which companies to consider, read on.

Your home protection is ready and waiting!