How much does refrigerator repair cost?

How much does refrigerator repair cost?



Refrigerators are an essential part of your kitchen and your health. The appliance keeps our food cold and fresh for a longer period, thanks to thermostats and other features. Fridges also help keep your food free of bacteria that grow when temperatures get warmer. Bacteria like this can spoil food and potentially cause you to get sick.

However, just like any other major appliance, refrigerators can break down due to normal wear and tear. So, how much will it cost you? The answer depends on a lot of factors. The total cost of repairing your refrigerator will usually be around the same cost of the component that broke down. You should also expect to include the cost of the service professional if you can’t replace it yourself. 

Luckily, Cinch Home Services offers an appliance warranty that covers refrigerators. This article explains the process of fixing common refrigerator issues and tells you what to expect when repairing your refrigerator.


Refrigerator component repair costs

While the average refrigerator repair cost varies, HomeAdvisor provides repair cost estimates for common problems involving the refrigerator. Keep reading to see what you can expect.

Refrigerator compressor

If your fridge compressor isn’t running properly, you’ll hear it. The motor will run with a slight humming sound if there is a problem with the compressor. Issues with the compressor usually happen due to the unnecessary use of a liquid refrigerant. This causes compressor oil to be pushed out of the system. This causes the compressor insulation to weaken over time, which could result in a motor failure if left unaddressed.

  • Replacement part cost: $50 to $300
  • With labor: $200 to $450

Refrigerator Freon gas leak

If your fridge is leaking Freon gas, it’s most likely due to a puncture. You’ll know if your fridge has a Freon gas leak providing that your food is warmer than usual, and odd smells are coming from the fridge. Additionally, the motor will constantly run, which might show up on your utility bill. Not only is the Freon gas leak bad for your wallet, but also it can be dangerous to inhale. If your fridge has a Freon gas leak, you might be better off replacing the fridge. Consult a professional for more information.

  • Replacement part cost: $200 to $300

Refrigerator door dent

A dent in your fridge door is less of a health hazard and more of a cosmetic issue for the kitchen appliance. In fact, you might even be able to repair it yourself, depending on the material that your fridge doors are made of.  

  • Replacement part cost: $100 to $240
  • Smaller dents: $100 or less
  • Bigger dents: $200 or more

Freezer repair

If you notice that items in your freezer are melting, your fridge probably needs a little TLC. Freezer malfunctions can arise from a myriad of issues. If your fridge’s condenser coils are dirty, your freezer won’t be able to cool items properly. Similarly, if the evaporator fan motor is not working, the freezer won’t be able to circulate air correctly to preserve your food. 

  • Replacement part cost: $90 to $650
  • Average total cost: Around $350 

Ice maker repair

Ice makers can get clogged if the fridge water line becomes frozen. If you notice that your fridge is not making ice properly, a simple way to fix the frozen line is to unplug it. If this doesn’t work, your water filter might be clogged. Before trying any other DIY approaches, consider consulting a repairman to fix your ice maker. The repair process can become more complex if there are additional problems with your fridge.

  • Replacement part cost: $60 to $200
  • Average total cost: Around $330


Is it worth it to repair a refrigerator?

After looking at all of those costs, you might be wondering if it’s worth it to repair the refrigerator you have or buy a new fridge. The answer is that it depends on the cost of the repair and the life span of the appliance. It also depends on the refrigerant part that needs repair services. 

If you have an expensive fridge, it might be worth it to replace a somewhat costly component. This is because the value of the fridge when working will outweigh the cost of the repair. Conversely, if you have an inexpensive refrigerator with a very costly repair, it might be better to replace the refrigerator altogether.


Is it worth it to hire a repair company?

Most home appliance repairs are not entirely DIY-friendly, so more often than not, you are better off incurring the labor costs of hiring a professional. Paying for your fridge repair cost will also help you save money in the future. Still, seeing this from another angle, this might be the worst-case scenario in case your DIY home repair project goes wrong. 

For example, a repairman will have a better idea of how to fix the condenser coils safely. It might be more costly to pay a service fee based on an hourly rate to have your drain lines and dirty coils repaired, but in the end, it will be the safest option. Similarly, a repair technician will be more experienced in handling the gasket and drip pan than you making the best guess. 

However, some fridge repairs are easy enough for anyone to handle with a set of directions or helpful YouTube tutorials. For example, most homeowners don’t need to contact a repair company to change the water filter on their fridge. For easy repairs like these, it’s more cost-effective to just fix them yourself. That way, you won’t have to worry about diagnostic fees or service fees.


How long does a refrigerator last?

The longevity of a refrigerator can depend on how well you take care of it, but, on average, they usually last between 10 and 20 years

Unfortunately, as a fridge gets older, it becomes less energy-efficient. As its door seals become worn over time, the fridge will be less effective at keeping cold air inside. This causes the fridge to create more cold air with its evaporator fan and fan motor to keep the temperature consistent inside the fridge. 

As fridge components wear out, the cost to repair them may start to outweigh the cost of a replacement. After a while, homeowners may opt to buy a new refrigerator for their home.


Skip the refrigerator repair bills with Cinch

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It’s not uncommon for a fridge to need a repair. Learn how much a refrigerator repair will cost and what to know about the process.

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