Seasonal Transition: Why Home Warranties Matter More in the Fall

Seasonal Transition: Why Home Warranties Matter More in the Fall

Key takeaways

  • Real estate agents can help ease a stressful fall season by reminding clients of the benefits of a Cinch home warranty.
  • A Cinch home warranty offers peace of mind about homeowners’ ability to pay for repairs.
  • A Cinch home warranty provides access to a network of vetted, licensed service companies.
  • All repairs covered by a Cinch home warranty come with a workmanship guarantee.

Whether you live someplace with year-round warm weather or where fall brings a swift drop in temperatures, the transition into fall signals a new wave of activities, including sports, school, and packed schedules. Real estate agents may think of spring as their primetime, but the fall market often comes with a new flurry of activity once buyers and sellers return from summer vacations.

Besides helping their clients during this busy season, agents are likely juggling their schedules with household management and activities with friends and family. It's a hectic time. After Labor Day, many businesses get much busier, which means that if an appliance or a home system breaks down, it can be a major source of additional stress.

While you can’t go to Back-to-School nights for your clients or help them figure out how to get two kids to simultaneous soccer games across town from each other, you can still relieve their stress and make them thankful for your services by reminding them about the coverage they have from their Cinch home warranty.

A “welcome to fall” note from you can mention the peace of mind their home warranty provides: a secure feeling that home repairs will be manageable with their Cinch home warranty and that they can quickly have a service professional come to their home if they need one.

7 key benefits of Cinch home warranty

There are always more than enough tasks for homeowners to manage. A Cinch home warranty can ease that burden in several ways:

  1. Avoid surprise repair bills. No one plans the right moment for their dishwasher to break down, their water heater to stop working or their heat to shut off. These things often seem to happen at the worst time, such as when guests are expected, during a cold snap, or worse, just when they've made a significant expenditure and planned to cut back on spending. A Cinch home warranty can limit out-of-pocket spending on covered items.
  2. Provide access to vetted service providers. Besides the worry over money, the aggravation of trying to find a trusted and available professional can be extremely frustrating. Homeowners with a Cinch home warranty can make one service request rather than calling multiple possible contractors. And most important, they know they're getting someone who is licensed and an approved member of the Cinch network.
  3. Protect major appliances. When your clients are covered by a home warranty from Cinch, they can avoid a major repair bill if a major appliance fails.
  4. Cover unknown pre-existing conditions. Even if your buyers had a home inspection before closing, there might be issues with an appliance or a system they didn't know about. Unlike some home warranty programs, a Cinch home warranty covers even unknown pre-existing conditions.
  5. Guarantee repairs on covered items. With a trusted network of professional servicepeople from Cinch, homeowners can feel confident that the work they need will be done right the first time. But, in the rare instance that something goes wrong with a covered repair, Cinch provides a guarantee on the workmanship for up to 180 days.
  6. Avoid the temptation of DIY repairs. Busy homeowners who can’t find a contractor to meet their schedule or don't want to face a big bill may try to fix an appliance or system on their own. Unfortunately, trying to DIY something, especially if someone is inexperienced, could cause further damage. Homeowners with a Cinch home warranty know they can make a service request and resolve the issue for less money and with professional care.
  7. Keep a consolidated record of repairs. In a hectic household, keeping track of the paperwork associated with home maintenance and repairs can be challenging. With Cinch, all covered repairs are tracked in one online account.

Fall is a beautiful time to ensure your clients are covered by a Cinch home warranty, giving them peace of mind when things get busier for everyone! Learn more at