Home Sweet Homework: Helping Clients Prepare for the School Year

Key takeaways

  • Real estate agents can add value to their clients by sharing tips to organize their homes for a new school season.
  • Ease school stress by creating student study space with school supplies.
  • Decluttering rooms, entryways, pantries, and homework nooks can limit distraction.
  • Creating a communication center with a family calendar goes a long way to managing a chaotic schedule of school, clubs, sports and more.
  • Establishing a school day routine for bedtime and mornings can keep the whole family feeling calmer and more productive.

It’s almost that time already: the last days of wearing bathing suits, flip-flops and easing into a new school year. Whether you have students heading back to school or not, you probably remember the mix of excitement and anxiety that a new semester brings. An organized household can facilitate schoolwork and lead to calmer mornings and evenings that help everyone in the family manage stress. Real estate agents can share the following tips with their clients to help them prepare a productive learning environment for their children and to coordinate everyone’s schedules.

8 ways to prepare for the school year

Sharpen your pencils — a new school year is a great time to reorganize your household and establish schedules to ease the pressure and encourage better studying habits. Try these tips to start earning an "O" for the organization.

  1. Look backward. If last year’s papers, pens, and paintings are still in disarray, take the time to sort, store or discard every item to start the new year with a clean slate. While you're at it, take time to think about your routines and schedule last year to see what worked, what didn't, and how to make this year easier.
  2. Set up a communications corner. A family calendar that includes everyone's appointments, extracurricular activities, and time set aside for exercise and relaxation can help everyone feel more in control.
  3. Organize a homework space. A quiet zone away from distractions is essential for kids to concentrate on homework. Where you create this space depends on your home’s layout, your child’s age, and your personality. A large home office might be ideal for some students, but others do better with a nook near the kitchen where they can be supervised. A corner desk can work well if there's space in their bedroom. Sometimes the perfect area is a large closet where you can install a desk, a chair, and a lamp.
  4. Set up a school supply station. If your child always works at a personal desk, you can provide school supplies there. But many students do homework and projects in different parts of the house or use a dining table that needs to be cleared for meals. In that case, a silverware tray, a shower caddy, a tackle box, or just a plastic box with a couple of dividers can work well.
  5. Redo your family entrance. If you've got a mudroom, you may want to consider making it more functional for sports equipment, backpacks, jackets, and shoes to ease the mess on busy school days. Alternatively, set up hooks, bins, baskets, or shelves in your regular entryway to make it easier for family members to find and store their belongings.
  6. Organize their bedrooms. A messy room and closet can make your children feel out of control. Before school starts, it's a great time to empty closets and drawers and decide what to keep, what to donate and what to toss. You may want to buy new shelves for books and other items for their room, plus a basket or designated area where they can keep their current projects.
  7. Destress with a “worry wall.” Keep your children talking and letting their emotions out with the help of sticky notes and a designated wall. They (and you) can write down an anxiety and stick it on the wall. The idea is that they can let that go — and better yet, add an “optimism wall” — with positive messages to counteract those worries.
  8. Set up a nutrition center. A new school year means quick breakfasts, packed lunches, and snacks on the go, so start reorganizing your pantry. Figure out what you have and what you need, then find a way to make it easier for your kids to help themselves to healthy snacks and breakfasts. Meal planning on the weekend for the week ahead can also keep everyone on track and help you avoid the drive-through.

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