Giving thanks for our homes

Giving thanks for our homes

Key takeaways

  • "There’s no place like home" has become more meaningful than ever over the last 18 months.
  • Home is more than shelter: It's where we work, our children learn, and a place we share time with our family and friends.
  • The American Dream remains alive and well as the largest generation today – Millennials – want to own a home.
  • Cinch Home Services is grateful to work with real estate agents in helping to safeguard the place their clients call home.

Over the last 18 months, the meaning of ‘home’ has grown. Home has become more than shelter. During the pandemic, our homes have become where we work, where our kids learn, where we celebrate every event with our families and spend time with our closest friends.

The saying “There’s no place like home” has never been more relevant, as our homes are interconnected within our lives in more ways than ever before.

Real estate agents have experienced the growing importance of home firsthand. After all, agents help turn dreams into accomplishments. Becoming a homeowner is an incredible achievement.

At Cinch Home Services, we are grateful to work with real estate agents to help protect the place their clients call home. Cinch is also thankful for working with agents to make sure 'home' remains a homeowner's happy place.

When a washing machine breaks down, a refrigerator-freezer goes on the fritz, or a heating system won't work, owning a home can feel like a hassle. That's where Cinch comes in to help take the stress out of these events with the coverage clients need. 

During this time of giving thanks, we are all thankful that the desire to be a homeowner remains a nearly universal goal. In fact, one study found that 89 percent of Millennials, once believed to be “the renters-for-life generation,” want to own a home.

Today, Millennials comprise the largest group of home buyers, according to the National Association of Realtors. Millennials, who also have the highest earnings among home buyers ($113,300 in 2019), are keeping the American Dream alive and well.

A Pew study found that these younger adult households also earn more than most older Americans did at the same age. Another study found that nearly half of all sellers are under the age of 41, and almost half of all buyers are under 36.

Millennials have a massive influence on the housing market. So they will be thankful for having home warranty coverage to help safeguard their homes from unknown repairs that can occur during a home sale or after a home purchase.

Home warranty protection can give all of your clients' peace of mind about their homes. By providing a simple online claims process, award-winning service provided by thousands of pre-screened service professionals, and an industry-leading 180-day guarantee for repairs, Cinch keeps your clients covered.   

Cinch is thankful for working with you to take care of your clients before, during and after the sale, in fast or slow markets. Learn more about the ways Cinch and real estate agents can work and collaborate at