Autumn Leaves but Preparation Arrives: A Fall Checklist for Your Home

Autumn Leaves but Preparation Arrives: A Fall Checklist for Your Home

Key takeaways

  • A change of seasons is an opportunity for real estate agents to reach out to clients with seasonal maintenance and decorating tips.
  • Homeowners will appreciate reminders of indoor and outdoor tasks to prep their homes for the new season.
  • Safety reminders are always welcome for homeowners.
  • Remind homeowners about the availability of a Cinch home warranty to protect them from unexpected repairs.

Whether you live in a climate with dramatic seasonal changes or a more subtle shift in the weather, the transition from summer to autumn offers a chance to reach out to past and present clients. While most homeowners may remember one or two things they should do before fall, offering comprehensive advice helps as the weather shifts to cooler months.

An easy way to start is to share some ideas about how they can give their home a little fall prep.

10 suggestions for a seamless seasonal transition

Here are some smart home maintenance reminders to keep your clients safe, save energy and prevent major repairs.

  1. Do a gutter check. Check and clean gutters to be sure they’re free of debris. Also, check your downspouts to ensure water is directed away from the house.
  2. Seal up air leaks. Good insulation and sealing can save as much as 20% on your heating and cooling bills, so consider an energy audit before cooler air arrives. Many local utility companies offer free energy audits. It’s especially valuable to inspect windows and doors for gaps and add a little caulk or weatherstripping as needed.
  3. Prevent frozen pipes. It’s a good time to purchase insulated drain covers before the first freeze to avoid pipes freezing. If the lawn no longer needs watering, drain hoses, and store them so they’ll be ready for spring. And remember, sprinkler systems also will need to be drained.
  4. Inspect the roof. Before fall is a great time to check the roof for spots where flashing or shingles are loose or the gutter is not attached properly. It's a great time to hire a professional to check for anything that might need repairing before rain and icy weather hit.
  5. Take care of fireplaces. Even if a fireplace is not used frequently, an annual inspection and possible cleaning are smart ways to make sure it’s safe to use. Look inside to ensure the flue works properly so you're not losing heat through your chimney when your fireplace isn't used.
  6. Heat source maintenance. Whether the home has a furnace or a heat pump, an annual inspection will keep it running more efficiently and help save on utility bills. Cleaning or replacing the filter, as the manufacturer recommends, increases energy efficiency. For homes with a whole-house humidifier, make sure it's clean and in good repair before autumn's dry air arrives.
  7. Wrap up the outdoor season. After the last mow, clean and store your lawn mower. Empty the gas tank or add a gas stabilizer so it will start faster next spring. As fall approaches, it can be a good time to prune bushes.
  8. Test detectors. Test every smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. Just before the summer ends can be a good time to change any batteries. Having a family fire escape plan in place — and practiced with everyone in your household — can be a great end-of-summer activity that could save lives. Test fire extinguishers and replace them if they are low or more than six years old.
  9. Do a deep end-of-summer cleaning. With students back in school after summer has taken its toll, a deep cleaning can help a house look, smell, and feel better. August is a great time to look around for any potential work that needs to be done before winter.
  10. Repair walkways and driveways. If the sidewalk, front walk, or driveway has a crack now, it could easily widen from rain, snow, and ice. Repairing small cracks before the fall can be a terrific time for preventative maintenance.

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