Why is my Whirlpool freezer not freezing?



Opening up the freezer door on your Whirlpool refrigerator and not feeling an immediate rush of cold air is never a good thing. As food spoilage can happen rapidly and cost money, figuring out what’s wrong with your freezer temperature fast is important. 

The good news is that there are several approaches you can take to diagnose whatever is keeping your freezer from getting cold. This article will detail some common causes for issues with your Whirlpool freezer and provide some troubleshooting steps you can take to determine the next course of action.


Possible causes of Whirlpool freezer not freezing

Let’s be honest: Appliances can break down over time even with the best maintenance and care. Several things can be at the root of a Whirlpool freezer not freezing properly. That’s why troubleshooting as soon as possible is important — some issues you might be able to fix on your own, while other issues may require appliance repair done by a service professional, such as those found through Cinch Home Services. 

To help you figure out your next steps, here are some possible causes of your Whirlpool freezer not functioning properly.

Dirty condenser coils

Your Whirlpool refrigerator not cooling can commonly be caused by dirty condenser coils. As the refrigerant passes through them, the condenser coils are responsible for helping to dissipate heat. When these coils develop a buildup of dirt, dust or other debris on them, the heat can become trapped and cause your freezer to stop producing enough cool air. 

One way to tell if your condenser coils are dirty is to note whether your refrigerator has been noisier than usual lately. This can be the case when it’s working extra hard on overall temperature control due to dirty condenser coils.

Cleaning refrigerator condenser coils can often be done DIY. After unplugging your Whirlpool fridge, pull it away from the wall so that you can access the back and underside of the appliance. If the coils are under the fridge, you may see a toe guard that you can remove for easy access. Then, use a vacuum with a hose attachment and dryer brush to remove all of the dirt and debris from the coils. 

Check the temperature settings

Although the placement of it can vary by model number, every Whirlpool fridge has a control board where you can check your thermostat. The temperature control can be accidentally bumped or touched during use, causing temperature settings to be set too high. 

If you don’t know where your fridge’s thermostat is located, check the owner’s manual for information. Then, make sure the temperature readings from your fridge match what the manual says is ideal. Sometimes, a problem can exist with the temperature control thermostat itself; however, the warm air in your Whirlpool freezer is often just a function of an accidentally pushed temperature button.

Check the door seal

Another reason for your Whirlpool freezer to not freeze correctly might have something to do with the door seal, or gasket. Many times, if the freezer door seal isn’t in good shape, cold air can escape from the freezer. 

The door seal holds the cold air inside, so you don’t want one that is old, dry-rotted or otherwise allowing airflow. If you see sagging, gaps or other defects in your fridge’s door seal, you’ll want to call in a service professional to replace it.

Check the power cord and power source

It may sound obvious at first, but checking that your Whirlpool freezer’s power plug is securely fitted into the power source is another step you can take. Sometimes, a cord or outlet can become loose. If you have a multimeter — a small and portable device designed to check all forms of electrical wiring and appliance connectivity — this can be a helpful place to utilize it.

As a first step, open the freezer door to see if a light comes on inside the freezer cabin. No light or a flickering one can indicate an absence or lack of adequate power. Check your fridge’s power cord for holes or damage and also test the outlet to ensure that power is flowing. Likewise, check your home’s circuit breaker to ensure that a fuse governing power to the fridge has not been blown. If it has, just flip it back on or replace the fuse.

How to test a start relay

Your Whirlpool freezer not freezing could be a result of a faulty or malfunctioning start relay. Your appliance’s start relay powers the compressor, which maintains the ideal temperatures in your fridge and freezer. You can locate your fridge’s start relay by consulting the owner’s manual. 

Once found, check for signs of corrosion or other wear associated with age and use. A service professional can replace a start relay fairly easily by removing the malfunctioning one, checking the model number and replacing it.

How to test the refrigerator’s evaporator fan motor

Your refrigerator’s condenser fan motor does the work of removing the heat released by the evaporator coils from the air. Additionally, some newer model number appliances also have evaporator fan motors that circulate cold air. Your freezer will start to defrost if your fridge’s evaporator fan stops working.

As the majority of evaporator fan motors are designed not to work when the freezer door is open, you’ll need to be able to locate your freezer’s door switch. This switch is usually the same color as the exterior of the freezer itself and is the part of your appliance that keeps the evaporator fan motor from working at unnecessary times. Start by looking for the switch low on the door frame of your freezer or check your owner’s manual to locate it.

If you depress the freezer switch, the light in the cabin should go off and the evaporator fan motor should come on. Evaporator fan motors are typically audible, so you should be able to hear a faint hum or spinning fan sound if your motor is working correctly. The motor is likely bad if it doesn’t come on while you’re holding the freezer switch. If you can still hear the motor but the cabin is not retaining cold air, the evaporator fan motor is likely not the issue.


How to reset a Whirlpool refrigerator

Sometimes, the best way to deal with a malfunctioning appliance is just a good, old-fashioned reset. Just like when your fridge indicates the need for a new water filter with a little alert light that must be reset to remove, your control board may need a reset. If your house has recently lost power, your appliance has been accidentally knocked into the wrong mode or any number of other factors, resetting can be an easy fix.

To reset the power to your Whirlpool freezer, power the appliance down by turning off your home’s circuit breakers and/or unplugging the fridge for five to 10 minutes. Make sure that the control panel is functional once you plug it back in. Double-check that the cooling function is activated on the control board.

To reset the appliance’s control board, locate the door switches for both the freezer and the refrigerator. Press each of those, along with the temperature control button three times within the span of 10 seconds. When you release for that third and final time, the letter “S” should display on the control board for the freezer section and the letter “E” for the fridge section.

Now, press the temperature button of the refrigerator just once. You should see a few numbers displayed across the control board. The number “1” should show for the freezer. Your control board has been successfully reset once you see the display for the fridge section go blank and the freezer continues to show the number “1.”


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Has your Whirlpool freezer stopped freezing? Find out how to diagnose your way back to cold air and frozen food.