Georgia home warranty options

Georgia home warranty options

Home warranty policies in Georgia


At some point, any home appliance or system will fail over time. And when it does your homeowners insurance won't give you any downside protection. That unexpected expense will be your responsibility. 

Unless, of course, you have a home warranty on your Georgia home. 

Read on to learn how home warranty coverage can help supplement your home insurance by giving you the highest level of consumer protection for important home systems and appliances.


Why is a home warranty necessary in Georgia?

Georgia's southern climate makes a home warranty plan that covers your home's heating and cooling systems a necessity. With higher summer temperatures and humidity, your air conditioner will need periodic servicing from normal wear. As a result, a home warranty will help protect you from the added repair costs and more frequent replacements. 


What should you look for in a home warranty policy in Georgia?

A home warranty is a service agreement that provides financial protection for homeowners by covering the cost of a repair and/or replacement when major systems and appliances break down. Georgia homeowners, in particular, should look for home warranty coverage that includes HVAC or air conditioner and heating systems. 

As a top Georgia home warranty company, Cinch Home Services has over 40 years of experience. Their home protection plans provide coverage for heating and cooling systems, along with warranty coverage for a garbage disposal, water heater, oven or refrigerator. Cinch will send you a written warranty contract that outlines the service agreement, warranty period and workmanship guarantee.

Learn more about which home warranty plan fits your needs and budget. 


Why Georgia homeowners must have a home warranty?

Not every home warranty company has coverage for your air conditioner. Others may have exclusions or caps on warranty coverage. Before deciding on a home warranty company, make sure you read and understand the details of your service contract which should outline each home system and major appliance that you want covered. If you do not see an item, be sure to reach out to your provider to see if you can get additional coverage or find a home warranty plan that better meets your needs. 

It is important that Georgia homeowners know the differences in coverage for a structural warranty for a new home versus homeowners insurance or a home warranty plan. Each contract should outline the warranty period and the types of consumer protection provided by each. Home insurance, for instance, may cover damage to your air conditioner or septic system due to an unforeseen event such as a flood or a fire, but it will not protect you from normal wear. A structural warranty may cover a major appliance if it is damaged due to damage from a collapsed wall, but you will need to contact your home warranty insurance if it simply ceases to work properly. 


Why do you need a home warranty in tandem with home insurance in Georgia?

Georgia homeowners need both home warranty and home insurance on their home to protect the structure and the home's systems and appliances. If the home's structure is damaged from fire or extreme weather, the homeowner won't have to pay the high out-of-pocket costs to repair it if they have home insurance.

This is different from a structural warranty that is sold exclusively to new home builders. Your home may be covered by a structural warranty, but this type of warranty coverage protects builders from future liabilities. 


How does a home warranty protect you and save you money in Georgia?

A home warranty can help protect you against unexpected repairs of major appliances and home systems. Home warranty insurance is different from homeowners insurance since a home warranty plan will save you money by covering the costs of normal breakdowns. You'll simply pay a deductible or service fee, which is outlined in your service contract. Once a repair or replacement is deemed covered, the homeowner is off the hook and the warranty provider will pay for the fix or for a new appliance or system if necessary. 

Since each home warranty provider varies in their coverage for each home system and appliance, it is prudent to read and identify any coverage gaps in your service agreement. If, for instance, you have an older septic system, make sure this important home system is listed in your service contract.


What is the average rate of a home warranty in Georgia?

First of all, every home warranty plan will have a deductible, which sometimes is referred to as a service fee. Generally, the higher the deductible the lower the monthly cost for the plan. If you think you will use the warranty often, look for a lower deductible to save money overall since you pay the deductible every time you have a warranty issue. 

A Georgia home warranty will run you between $420 to $745 a year. Home warranty coverage that includes coverage for your cooling and heating system and your plumbing system will cost more than a basic plan. 

Cinch Home Services is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and maintains a top rating on With over 40 years in the home warranty, many Georgia homeowners trust Cinch for their industry-leading six-month workmanship guarantee on covered repairs. 

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In Georgia there are many home warranty coverage options available to homeowners. Check out these common questions about buying a home warranty in Georgia.

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