Sibling success at Cinch

Cinch prides itself on delivering unmatched service to customers, strong ROI to partners and a seamless experience for service providers across the country, and the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t changed our commitment to do just that. It is our hardworking team members — hundreds of whom recently transitioned to working from home — who make fulfilling that promise possible.

Tiffany Foster and Malcolm and Donald Ricks, who happen to be siblings, are three members of the Cinch family living up to this philosophy and setting an example for others to follow.

Tiffany, who works as a claims specialist, was the first of the three to join Cinch back in 2014. A few years later, when her younger brother Malcolm graduated from college, Tiffany recognized his skillset would be a match for Cinch, and he, too, came on board. Not long after that, Donald, the youngest of the trio, came home from active-duty training as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. Upon his return, Malcolm reached out to his younger brother to tell him more about the ample opportunities for professional growth available at Cinch. With that glowing recommendation — and a second sibling referral from Tiffany — Donald also joined the Cinch family, working on the medical emergency high-priority team alongside his brother.

When asked about one another, the siblings have nothing but positivity to share, truly showcasing their tight-knit family bond.

According to Tiffany, she referred Malcolm and Donald due to their abilities as “natural-born leaders” and says that Malcolm “takes the initiative and catches on quickly,” while Donald leverages his military background to effectively “determine better outcomes.” For his part, Malcolm says Tiffany is “mind-blowing, the intellect of the family,” and Donald is “the ambitious type — he likes to pursue everything, and there’s no challenge that’s too big for him.”

The youngest of the three, Donald notes how each of them work together in different ways as siblings, and while they may not always agree, their coworker status has been a major contributor to them maintaining their strong relationships with one another. One thing the siblings can agree on: All three share a goal-focused mindset and are willing to take the necessary steps to overcome challenges and achieve their objectives.

These characteristics have allowed all three of them to shine in their roles, with leadership noting their hard work, positive attitudes and dedication to finding solutions that work for everyone. “The entire team has been thoroughly impressed by Tiffany, Malcolm and Donald,” said Matt Hodge, Senior Director of Contact Center Operations. “These three have always been stellar workers, and it’s even more remarkable that they’ve managed to maintain their productivity and positive outlooks throughout the work-from-home transition.”

Thank you to Tiffany, Malcolm and Donald for exemplifying what it means to be part of the Cinch family!

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