Will a home warranty cover my sprinkler system?

Will a home warranty cover my sprinkler system?


Do home warranties cover sprinkler systems?




Home sprinkler systems can bring convenience to your home and life. But, what happens when your home sprinkler system falls into disrepair? Would getting a home warranty cover your sprinkler system and protect you from paying for its replacement or repair?

But, what happens when your home sprinkler system falls into disrepair? Would getting a home warranty protect you from paying for the replacement or repair of the sprinkler system? And what happens if your home warranty does not cover your sprinkler system? Do you know what it does cover? 

Our article answers all those questions and more so you are fully aware of what your home warranty covers.



What is a home warranty?


A home warranty plan is a service contract between a homeowner and a home warranty company, usually renewed yearly. 

The contract agrees to provide the homeowner with a discounted repair service or replacement from a service provider with an experienced technician for a small service-call fee in addition to affordable monthly payments.

Generally, your warranty coverage will include appliances such as your stove, washing machine, clothes dryer and refrigerator. It may also cover home systems, such as your air conditioning, water heater, furnace and plumbing, and can include coverage of other specialty home systems or appliances, like septic tanks or spas, if required. 

You will be able to view a sample contract from most warranty providers prior to signing up, so you can see what exactly is covered in your prospective contract and what you will be paying for. However, note that when you first sign up, there is typically a brief waiting period before the contract becomes active.



What do home warranties cover?


If you have recently purchased a home warranty, or if you are shopping for the perfect home warranty plan for you, you may be wondering exactly what is covered by a home warranty company. 

As mentioned above, most home warranties offer coverage outside of a manufacturer’s warranty for the basic, large appliances or systems in your home. To be covered, the appliances and home systems must have sustained damage to the mechanical parts and components from wear and tear and not from misuse or abuse. 

There are a small number of appliances in the home that are not usually part of a home warranty system, such as a stand-alone freezer or garage door. Some of the items that are covered by your home warranty plan may also be included in what your homeowners insurance covers.

You can also add systems to your home warranty plan for an additional fee. This might include your spa, pool or septic or appliances like your garage door opener or ceiling fans. A good home warranty company offers options for any budget — from basic to premium coverage — to suit any family.



Is my sprinkler system covered by my home warranty?


Outdoor plumbing systems, such as your sprinkler system and any faucets, will most likely not be included in your warranty coverage.

Common issues that arise in your sprinkler system are unlikely to compromise the structure of your home. If they do cause things like pooling water or leakage in a basement, then you may have to turn to your homeowners insurance in order to mitigate that repair. 

Fear not, though. Through warranty coverage for most of your other home systems and regular maintenance for your sprinkler system, you can reduce your need for potentially costly repairs.

Know that an internal plumbing system is usually covered by a home warranty contract, including water leaks or breaks, vent lines and related mechanisms. Additionally, your home warranty will probably cover the clearing of drain-line stoppages up to 100 feet as well as overflow access points.

With all coverage, make sure you inquire with your home warranty provider as needed and check the terms and conditions of your contract so that you can understand the specifics of your home warranty coverage.



Maintaining your sprinkler system


Using a sprinkler system  is more than just convenient — it can also add to your home’s curb appeal. So taking good care of your system is in your best interest. Maintaining your sprinkler system will prolong its life and save your wallet from potential repair costs and water loss.

Follow these simple steps to maintain your automatic sprinkler system:

  • If you live in a colder climate, flush your irrigation system lines at the end of the lawn-watering season, when it starts to get colder but before your lawn freezes. You will need to use an air compressor to do so, and this will clear the pipes of any water or debris to avoid breakages during a freeze.
  • Inspect once or twice every month for any issues. Make sure you check the valves and the controller, and verify the date and time are displayed correctly. This will ensure that your timer works properly when you set it to water your lawn.
  • Check for any broken or damaged spray heads, and if you find any, replace them. This will help your system run more efficiently and diminish the amount of strain on other spray heads. Spray heads can get damaged from age, weather or being run over by lawn mowers, so it’s important to check regularly.. 
  • Have your system evaluated by a professional if you suspect anything is amiss. In case of a major issue, having a professional examine your sprinkler system may save you more headaches down the road.

Without proper maintenance, you are risking a premature replacement of your sprinkler system. Periodically checking  that it’s functioning well may prevent water loss and lawn damage due to a broken system. 



Cinch Home Services offers peace of mind


A home warranty can help you cover the costs of expensive repairs for most of your home appliances and systems for a nominal service fee.

Make sure you are fully aware of everything that is covered under your home warranty plan, and it is even a good idea to check what your homeowners insurance covers as well to be safe.




Would getting a home warranty protect you from paying for the replacement or repair of the sprinkler system? What happens if your home warranty does not cover your sprinkler system?

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