7 tips for a great homemade Father’s Day

7 tips for a great homemade Father’s Day

Key tips to remember

  • Make it meaningful.
  • Quality time is key.
  • No distance is too far.


These are certainly extraordinary times. Most of us are hunkered down at home, connected to the outside world through a video screen, waiting for things to pass. And they will.

But, until then, it’s more important than ever to honor traditions and celebrate our loved ones — even dad, the guy who never wants anything except some quiet time, an obscure golf tournament on TV and, of course, the big piece of chicken at dinner.

Sure, you can order him another razor or piece of lawn equipment, but the world needs a little extra love right now. Try to come up with something special, like those greeting cards you made as a kid — the ones that are probably still upstairs in his attic next to the holiday decorations. Let’s get creative this year and serve up a homemade Father’s Day for that special guy who’s never asked for much...except the big piece of chicken.

Here’s a list of fun and thoughtful things you can do from home to celebrate Pops this year — whether you’re separated by six feet or six states.


Drive-in night

Outside movie screen surrounded by a couch, fire pit and trees

Cue up one of his all-time favorites or something dad themed, like Father of the Bride or Field of Dreams. If he’s close, invite him over for a backyard drive-in night — complete with snacks, burgers, or whatever he likes. If dad’s remote, fire up a virtual movie through Netflix Party or another video-conferencing platform.


Home movies

Unleash your inner Spielberg, and create a blockbuster just for dad. All you need is your phone. It could be a slideshow of old photos and videos set to his favorite classic rock song, or maybe your kids can perform a one-act play based on Pop’s life. Let your imagination run wild!

There are many phone apps that help you shoot and edit or add music, graphics and fun special effects. Post it on YouTube, and host a premiere party.


A virtual tour

Scenic view of a Venice canal surrounded by buildings

Thanks to technology, you and Dad can go pretty much anywhere without leaving the house. Ever dreamed of a gondola ride down a Venice canal? A stroll through the Paris catacombs? How about a brisk walk on the surface of Mars?

From vacation destinations to museums and theme parks to, yes, outer space, virtual tours have skyrocketed during the current quarantine.


An actual tour

Father walking alongside his son riding a blue bike on the street

If you’re lucky enough to see Dad this Father’s Day, suggest a simple walk or bike ride through someplace relaxing (and responsibly underpopulated). Take a trip down memory lane in an old neighborhood, or enjoy some nature with a nice hike. It can be just the two of you or the whole family. Quality bonding time is simple, and it goes a long way.

Father’s Day spa

Red plaid blanket sitting on a white and green striped hammock hanging between two trees in a wooded area

Whether you’re with him in person or in a different time zone, you can still make Dad feel like king for a day. Schedule a Father’s Day that carries him from one delightful moment to the next.

  • Have his favorite meals delivered.
  • Set up a hammock or lawn chair in his yard along with the Sunday paper and a tall iced tea.
  • Arrange some face time (virtually, if necessary) with his family for well wishes.
  • Order some of his most-loved entertainment, like a classic game or that movie he always quotes.
  • Give him the full spa treatment, Father’s Day style.


Help with yard work or chores

Close-up of green grass with a blurred kid's playset in the background

Chances are a good portion of your adolescent life was spent avoiding yard work. In the spirit of coming full circle, a home project would be an epic Father’s Day win. If you can’t get to him in person, hire a landscaper to trim those overgrown hedges or pull those pesky weeds. If a visit is possible, the two of you could tackle something together for a true bonding experience. Build something. Fix something. The point is that you’re together — separated by six feet, of course.


A home appliance warranty

Cinch logo with a repairman in a gray shirt and pants and navy blue hat fixing an A/C unit

It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and unlike that plaid necktie, he will use it. Appliances don’t last forever, and they have a tendency to sputter out at the most inconvenient times. A Cinch home warranty is a great way to say “you’re covered.” And after all those years that Dad’s had your back, this Father’s Day is a great time to return the favor.

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