7 tips for a great homemade Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day 2022! We have ideas, but what you do is up to you!

Father’s Day idea: Key tips to remember

  • Cards and gifts aren’t what’s important
  • Quality time together matters most
  • Do something your dad really loves
  • Include plenty of good food and drinks
  • Volunteer together to help others

Father’s Day is June 19, 2022. Sure, you could get your dad a silly card and a new pair of house shoes. You could mail him a box of gourmet frozen pretzels. You could surprise him with a home warranty. You could give him a subscription to a Netflix disc plan, so he can track down all his favorite old movies to watch on his dusty DVD player. These are all legitimate Father’s Day ideas. But when it comes down to what matters most, it’s the time you spend with your dad that holds the most value. Allow us to suggest that you give up on the Father’s Day card ideas and traditional Father’s Day gift ideas this year. Instead, focus on the possibilities for Father’s Day activities that you can enjoy together. You’ll both be glad you did.

1.     Take a little trip!

Remember when you went on road trips with your dad, just the two of you? If so, those are probably some of your favorite memories. If not, why not make some before it’s too late? Nobody’s getting any younger, and we’re betting you and your dad would love to get out of town together for a bit of adventure, wherever you decide to go. It could mean an actual vacation with multiple nights spent somewhere together or on the road, or maybe just a day trip to do something you both will enjoy, like hiking, riding go-karts, or seeing an air or car show.

2.     Go camping! Go fishing!

If your dad likes camping, fishing or both, you may have just decided on the perfect Father’s Day getaway adventure. Imagine you, your dad, the great outdoors, and hopefully a lot of excellent weather. Sounds perfect? Don’t forget the sunscreen and mosquito repellant. Aim for some quiet time outdoors together. Is there anything you’ve been meaning to say for a while or something you need to talk about? There’s no time like the present. Your dad will likely be glad you asked, and when’s a better time for a talk than a quiet interlude over the water?

3.     Do some sports!

If your dad is more of a sports guy, your choices are many and varied. Drive him to a game. Grab a hot dog and a beer at the ballpark together. Splurge on season tickets for his favorite team. Take a road trip for that special matchup. Better yet, get out there on the field, course or court and play those sports yourselves. Set up the badminton and the pingpong in the backyard. Let him crush you at cornhole or croquet. Go head-to-head at the family pool table. Break out the dart board and start keeping score. Stock your dad’s favorite snacks, too.

4.     Cookout! Cook in!

Speaking of snacks, how about a backyard cookout to honor the man himself? Gather his favorites and grill them up just how he likes them. If your dad is less into the cooking-out thing, cook up his favorites indoors, and make it a picnic you can take into the backyard or out to the park to get a little fresh air and sunshine. If you want to keep the foodstuffs at home, consider surprising the old man with breakfast in bed with all his favorites. Make it a celebration with a mimosa or even a screwdriver. A little Champagne or vodka could liven things up!

5.     Grab brews!

Speaking of spirits, if your dad loves craft beer or liquor, consider visiting a local brewery or distillery. Better yet, grab a cab and visit a few. Most offer entertaining tours that include samples. Sit outside and try some specialties while enjoying the weather together. Meanwhile, if you think your dad might need a little caffeine to keep going throughout your action-packed series of Father’s Day activities, make sure your coffee machine is clean and up to the task. After all, you’ve got to get up to get down.

6.     Movies! Music!

If your dad is a movie nut, why not share one or many favorite movies for some inexpensive quality time together? For example, if he likes kung fu classics, you could surprise him with that Bruce Lee box set you’ve had your eye on. Stock up those snacks and brewskis and curate a film festival together. If your dad loves live music, outdoor festivals and shows are plentiful this time of year, especially as pandemic restrictions loosen across the country. It’s tough to beat bonding with Dad over a joint love for great music and shared experiences like these.

7.     Make stuff! Volunteer!

Another excellent use of time with your dad is to work on a project together, such as building furniture or installing a treehouse for the grandkids. When it comes to Father’s Day craft ideas, the only limits are your imagination. Does your dad like woodworking or welding? Building model aircraft or birdhouses? You could work together on a landscaping project or put a new transmission in that old favorite car he’s been meaning to fix up. If your dad doesn’t have a protection plan for appliances, you could help him fix or replace one. For some quality time together that serves a special purpose, try volunteering for a community project and helping someone in need, such as building houses for Habitat for Humanity.

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