Why is my LG refrigerator ice maker not working?

Why is my LG refrigerator ice maker not working?






With summer around the corner, there’s no better time to enjoy an iced latte. LG’s refrigerators' state-of-the-art ice makers allow you to dispense ice whenever you need it, so you don’t have to worry about ice trays in the freezer or buying bags of ice from the supermarket.

But what do you do when your ice maker stops working? Some refrigerators have defects that you can solve independently. However, some refrigerator repairs may need control board replacement or professional attention.

In this guide, we’ll look at the possible causes of your malfunctioning ice maker, how you can identify its cause, and whether you should seek professional help to fix it.



Possible causes of LG refrigerator not making ice


A malfunctioning ice maker is a common problem in LG refrigerators. There could be many reasons for this, including jammed ice buckets, inadequate water pressure, ice on water lines, defective auger motors and clogged water filters.

Sometimes the cause may be as simple as a switch that hasn’t been turned on. Whatever the case, you’re not alone. Let’s look at the possible causes of your malfunctioning ice maker.

Check that the ice maker is turned on

When troubleshooting your LG ice maker, the first step should be to eliminate the most common causes. If your ice machine is switched off, it will not produce ice because the cold air won’t be released. This could happen if your refrigerator was recently installed or something in the freezer accidentally moved the ice maker’s switch.

Most LG refrigerators have an on/off switch on the left side of their ice makers, so ensure that the switch is on before considering other alternatives. Keep in mind that it could take up to 24 hours for an ice maker to produce ice after you’ve turned the switch back on. If your ice maker still hasn’t made any ice after 24 hours, you may need to reset it or call a professional.

Jammed ice bucket

Some LG refrigerators have ice buckets that you can pull straight out of the compartment. However, some models require you to lift your ice bucket before taking it out of your refrigerator.

Suppose you have a model with the ice maker situated in the ice maker compartment rather than inside your refrigerator. You may find that the freezer has developed ice around your bucket, causing it to become jammed.

Other causes for a jammed ice bucket include a leaking or clogged water line, an expired water filter, a malfunctioning ejector or the refrigerator’s thermostat set at the wrong temperature.

Water-pressure issues

Another potential problem could be your home’s water pressure. Insufficient water pressure can cause malfunctioning ice makers because the water flow through your home’s inlet valve is not supplying enough pressure for your refrigerator’s components to function correctly.

The water pressure through your home’s inlet valve is designed to operate at a minimum of 20 psi. Your pipes can become clogged due to foreign substances or poor plumbing if it's any less than 20 psi. As a result, your ice maker and ice dispenser could stop working.

Frozen water line

If your ice maker is still not working, your water line could be clogged or frozen. A malfunctioning ice maker can cause ice production that tends to build up inside your refrigerator’s supply line.

An ice blockage within the supply line, water dispenser or ice bucket is a common cause of frozen water lines. It's also possible that your water-supply line has frozen, preventing water from reaching the ice maker and reaching the freezer temperature.

Clogged water filter

Your LG refrigerator may be a model that has a water line connected to the same water filter as your refrigerator’s water dispenser. If your water filter clogs, water won’t be able to travel through the water inlet valve to produce ice.

The water filter ensures that your refrigerator’s ice maker has clean water to work with. A clogged water filter can limit the amount of water traveling to the ice filter through foreign substances like dirt and grime.

Refrigerator door switch issues

You must ensure your refrigerator's power supply is turned off when checking for a faulty door switch. To do this, simply unplug your refrigerator from the wall. Alternatively, you could remove the corresponding fuse in your home's circuit box or trip the corresponding switch in your home's distribution board.

Once you’ve disconnected the power, you can check your refrigerator’s door. Your ice machine is turned off using the refrigerator door switch. A defective door switch will restrict the ice maker from producing enough ice, even if your refrigerator's door is closed.

Defect auger motor

Your LG refrigerator’s ice bucket has an auger that pushes ice toward the dispenser into the chute. A motor powers the auger, making it rotate whenever you press the dispenser’s lever.

The motor's gearbox rotates slowly but is powerful enough to dispense ice through the chute. A malfunctioning auger will not turn, which means that your auger’s motor could be defective. If you notice that your LG refrigerator doesn’t make a noise when you close its door, you likely have a faulty auger motor.



How to diagnose LG ice maker problems


Before you call for professional help to fix your faulty ice maker, you can try to identify the problem yourself.

If you have a jammed ice bucket, you could try to remove the entire compartment or defrost the area around the ice bucket using a blow dryer to melt the excess ice.

It’s also important to check your water inlet valve’s water pressure from time to time. Ensure that the pressure exceeds 20 psi, or your water inlet valve could become clogged. You can also check your water line to ensure it’s not frozen. Do this by checking the size of the ice cubes. If they’re small or hollow, your ice maker could malfunction, and these smaller cubes might block your water line.

Finally, make sure that your refrigerator is switched on and the door is closed properly by checking the lock button. If your ice maker isn’t working, you may need to reset your refrigerator.

How to reset the ice maker on your LG refrigerator

Resetting your LG refrigerator is a straightforward process. Depending on the LG fridge model, you’ll have one of three ice makers:

  • Twist/Flex Tray
  • Heater/Custom Cube
  • Early Twist/Flex Tray

All three types will have a reset button on the left-hand side of the ice maker labeled on/off. Switch the water supply to “off” for at least 30 seconds or disconnect your refrigerator’s plug from the wall. This should reset your refrigerator.

When to seek professional help

After you’ve reset your refrigerator, make sure to wait at least 24 hours for your ice maker to produce ice before troubleshooting any other potential problems.

If you’ve diagnosed your LG refrigerator ice maker’s problem and still can’t fix it, your circuit breaker or auger motor may have to be replaced. If you try to repair these issues yourself, you can risk further damage to your refrigerator.

Your rice maker's complex components are the auger motor, circuit breaker, water line and water filter. They are fragile and delicate parts that require professional help.



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If your ice maker is not working, you need to address it immediately. This guide discusses the most common causes of defective ice makers and how to fix them.

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