5 garage door conversion ideas



As a homeowner on a home renovation spree, you might want to convert your garage doors for multiple reasons. Maybe you want to enhance your garage’s aesthetic appeal or remodel and convert it into an ADU (accessory dwelling unit). 

A couple of other garage conversion ideas include a makeshift game room, a playroom for kids, a living room or a home office. No matter the reason, replacing your existing garage door with a sturdy, versatile and insulated garage door is always a good choice. 

In this article, we help you with different garage door conversion ideas and the costs involved in the process.


How much does it cost to convert a garage door?

While the cost attached to a garage door conversion varies a lot, here’s a rough idea of what it entails.

Cost of the garage door

Modern-day garage doors are built to enhance security and privacy. Garage doors come in several price ranges — the key differentiators are style, hardware, size and material. 

Buyers look for function, aesthetic appeal, durability and insulation the most when it comes to making a purchase decision. 

For those with a smaller budget, a single, non-insulated door costs around $300 (excluding installation costs). Non-insulated doors are a great choice for areas with moderate temperatures. However, if you live in an area with extreme temperatures, you might have to look for high-end, insulated versions (since they are energy-efficient).

If you plan to enhance your home’s curb appeal, you can choose to invest in carriage-style garage doors or raised-panel garage doors. The cost of such doors can range from $1,000 in the case of a single door to $4,000 for customized and sturdy double doors. 

Installation and conversion costs

Per HomeAdvisor, the average cost of garage door installation is around $1,159. The typical range fluctuates between $753 to $1,595, depending on the type of door. 

  • Cost of a single garage door: $600 to $1,500
  • Cost of a double garage door: $800 to $1,500

During the conversion project, you may have to pay extra to disassemble the old garage door. 


5 garage door conversion ideas

DIY home improvement projects are exciting. However, you may need a handyman to help with installing or removing garage doors. We’ve picked a list of popular garage door conversion ideas to help you decide which appeals to you. See the ideas below:

Single to double garage door conversion

A single to double garage door conversion is the procedure to convert two single garage doors into one big door. It is a good investment for businesses and families alike. While two single doors were a good option before, they aren't as useful today. 

Small cars, for example, could easily fit inside the garage with just one door open. But as the cars are getting bigger, they need more space, and it can be a hassle to open and close two independent doors on a daily basis. That’s where double garage doors save time. Plus, double garage doors look aesthetically pleasing. 

If you wish to convert your single garage doors into a double door, it is necessary to know the perks so that you can make the best decision that aligns with your lifestyle —  and budget, of course.

Benefits of a single to double garage door conversion include:

  • More space to walk or park big vehicles that cannot squeeze between smaller gaps. 
  • Makes your home look bigger, enhancing its appearance and possibly increasing its value.
  • More accessibility for anyone who uses a wheelchair or needs additional space to get around. Double garage doors provide additional space to move in and out of the car with ease.
  • No need to scour through the home to find multiple remotes for two doors  — with a double garage door, you only need one remote to operate it. 

Double to single garage door conversion

If you fancy the idea of converting your double garage door into single garage doors, it is advisable to proceed only if your existing garage is at least 22 feet wide. That way, you can be sure that there is enough space to comfortably get in and out of your car. It also grants you complete control over how much of your garage’s inner space is revealed to the outside. Double garage doors are known for their flexibility. Here are some more benefits to consider:

  • Backup plan in case of surprise breakdowns. Like all appliances, garage doors can have sudden breakdowns, such as a failure in the garage door spring (also called the torsion spring). In case one of the doors malfunctions, the other door can be used as a backup plan. 
  • Save money on repairs. Here’s the drill: Two single garage doors mean there will be two opener systems, two photo eye sensors, and so on. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, single garage doors can cost more. On the contrary, double garage doors have a single system installed, which means you can save on repairs. 
  • Extra space for larger vehicles. If you have a large vehicle, or plan to buy one in the near future, a double garage door makes it easier to park and provides more room to load and unload items. 

Conversion to carriage-style garage doors

Originally, carriage-style garage doors were built with wood with iron hinges. However, they have received much-needed enhancements since their heyday, and the woodwork is quite detailed. Carriage-style doors are designed with crisscross planking similar to a barn, and they come fitted with sturdy handles and elegant window inserts. Refer to the image above as an example.

Carriage-style garage doors are appealing because they complement all types of homes — new or old. Versatile, strong and classic, they have all the features a good garage door needs. 

Here are the benefits:

  • Add to your home's aesthetics. Carriage-style garage doors were around even before cars were popular. So, their vintage appeal is enough to improve your home’s style and value. 
  • Tiny windows let sunlight pass into your garage. With these garage doors, you get both privacy and natural light.  

Conversion to garage doors with integrated windows

Windows can transform a simple-looking, solid-paneled garage door into a contemporary and stylish design. While you may think that windows are an unnecessary distinction, there are a few benefits that will make you want to consider them:

  • Save energy thanks to natural light. Remodeling your car garage and converting it into a workout area, home office or kid’s room is fun. However, a pitch-dark setup can be monotonous. Natural light can help cut down on your energy bills, and you don't have to miss your daily dose of vitamin D.   
  • Highly customizable. If you are a DIY enthusiast, the good news is that you can be creative with garage doors. You can go with rectangular panes, multiple rows of windows or something more ornate, like a design with a colorful centerpiece similar to a diamond. You can also choose to match them with your home windows. 

Conversion to wooden garage doors

If you are on a home improvement spree, converting your garage doors into wooden garage doors — such as high-quality European-style or French doors — can complement your new design. Wooden garage doors add elegance to your home, but there are more benefits that you cannot miss. 

  • Options to customize are unlimited. Today, you can find an extensive variety of timber, stain and hues to inject that curb appeal into your home. 
  • Wood is a renewable resource. Installing a wooden garage door is an eco-friendly choice. 
  • Wooden doors are timeless. If you love rustic and classic home decor, then consider investing in a wooden door. 
  • Wooden doors are sturdy and long-lasting. Wood by default has an incredible natural strength. Wooden garage doors are built with solid hardboard panels and a hemlock frame to last longer. Additionally, scruffs and scratches are barely visible in comparison to other materials, thanks to wood’s natural grain and distinct patterns. 


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Upgrading your home from an unattractive door to an attractive and more efficient one can be a costly feat, though many will tell you it’s worth every penny. Like other home equipment, your garage door opener calls for proper maintenance and protection in order to function. 

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Check out these garage door conversion ideas to enhance the look and feel of your garage space.