Do home warranties cover pools?

Do home warranties cover pools?

A lovely backyard pool area


Having a pool is a dream come true for many home buyers. It’s a getaway right in your own backyard and a great place to gather with family and friends. 

But pool ownership is a big investment that comes with extra responsibility and upkeep.

Getting a home warranty that includes pool coverage helps ensure you have the protection you need to enjoy your pool worry-free. 


Reasons to consider a home warranty with pool coverage

If the home you have purchased comes with a pool, or if you are considering adding a pool to your property, you’ll want warranty coverage to protect your investment. Here are some reasons to consider a home warranty with pool coverage:

Added protection

A home warranty plan with pool coverage fills gaps in your homeowners insurance policy and protects you from large, unexpected repair costs.
There are important differences between insurance and warranty coverage for a pool. For example, your insurance policy usually covers repair or replacement for incident-based damage to the pool, such as if a tree falls across it and damages the structural integrity. Insurance also takes care of liability coverage for a pool — crucial protection to have if you are a homeowner with a pool. 
But insurance does not cover damage from normal wear and tear or breakdown of pool components. That’s where a warranty comes in.
A pool pump, filter or water heater can be prone to breakdown after constant use over time. The last thing you need is a pool-pump breakdown in the middle of the summer when the kids are in and out of the pool nonstop. 

Access affordable and reliable repair services

Warranty plans connect you with a pre-screened, qualified service provider as soon as you make a claim. If something does go wrong during peak pool season, you can get it handled quickly. 
You also only need to pay a small service call fee up front to the qualified repair service (usually $100–$150 per visit), while the remainder of the cost is covered by your warranty plan.

Protection from unknowns

If you’re purchasing a home that has an existing pool, it’s wise to request that the seller include a home warranty with pool coverage in the sale. 
You have no way of knowing how diligent a previous homeowner might have been with the maintenance and upkeep of a pool. You also can’t know how much wear and tear or daily use the pool has undergone. Unknown problems with a pool may be difficult to detect in a home inspector’s visual inspection. 
Also, the manufacturer's warranty and builder’s warranty may have expired by the time you take ownership of the home. So, a warranty will cover you for unexpected issues either way.


What does a home warranty cover for a pool?

Pools are covered by a home warranty, but they are not part of a normal home warranty service contract, which typically covers major appliances, a hot water heater and home systems. Instead, pools and spas are covered using add-on coverage.
Home warranties with a pool and spa add-on cover the repair or replacement cost of plumbing, electrical systems and other components, such as the pump, that are associated with your pool or hot-tub functionality. 
Home warranties for a pool work the same way that a basic home warranty plan does. A home warranty covers your kitchen appliances, water heater and home systems, such as your air conditioner, in ways that your homeowners insurance does not.
But pool and spa systems are complex, and they typically have multiple mechanical components, plumbing and electrical systems that need regular maintenance. It’s important to identify all the parts of your system that need coverage and discuss specific coverage add-ons available when getting quotes from home warranty companies. 
There may be some components of your pool system that are not covered, such as decorative water features. Above-ground pools might not be covered either. Secondary damage is also not covered, so if, say, damage to a pool component resulted in accompanying damage to your home, the additional damage would not be covered by the warranty plan.
With an enhanced warranty plan from Cinch Home Services, you get comprehensive coverage for home systems and appliances plus the add-ons you need. With our excellent customer service, you will also be informed about the complete details of your coverage and well cared for when you need to make a claim.

No matter which of the home warranty companies you choose to go with, make sure you understand which parts and components of your pool you’ll have covered since coverage varies by company and plan.


Cost of a home warranty with pool coverage

As with all home warranty plans, costs vary based on the warranty company you choose, the location of the home and the amount of coverage you require. 

A basic home warranty plan cost ranges $300–$600, on average, with monthly payments of $35–$65. A one-time service fee paid to a repair provider averages $100–$150 per visit. 

Pool, spa and hot tub coverage is always an add-on to a basic warranty plan and usually ranges $150–$200 per year in addition to your regular warranty cost. As with repair on appliances, you will also pay a small service fee up front when you need repair service.

Exact costs depend on the size and type of pool you have and the amount of coverage you’d like combined with the coverage options available from the warranty company you choose.

Add-on coverage for a pool is extremely cost effective. For an additional $150–$200 per year plus a service fee for repair, you can save thousands of dollars in repairs to the pool or its components when something unexpectedly goes wrong.


How to get a home warranty package with pool coverage

Most home warranty companies do offer pool coverage as an optional add-on, but the extent and cost of the coverage will vary. Each warranty company will offer different coverage options in their service contract.

When you request a quote from a warranty provider, be sure to request the additional coverage required for your pool and make an inventory of all the different components involved in your pool system. For example, not all pools have a water heater, but if yours does, you need to make sure the warranty package you choose has the option to cover it.

At Cinch, we offer a variety of affordable coverage options and can also create a custom package suited for your particular needs.

Whether you’ve just purchased your first home with a pool or you’ve recently had one installed, a home warranty plan with the pool-and-spa add-on can save you money and provide more peace of mind. 

Does your home have a pool? Here are some reasons to consider a home warranty with pool coverage. Visit the Cinch site to learn more.

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