Cinch Home Services partners with Kiwi Energy to deliver protection, value and savings to New York residential customers

Boca Raton, FL (Feb. 10, 2021) – Cinch Home Services (Cinch), the nation’s leading provider of home service solutions, has partnered with Kiwi Energy, a leading competitive energy supplier of environmentally focused electricity and natural gas services, to offer home protection plan coverage for residential customers across New York state. 

This partnership addresses a recent regulatory update from the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) – the agency overseeing the state’s electric, gas, water, and telecommunications industries – effective April 15. Kiwi Energy’s Kiwi Guard, powered by Cinch, was among several home warranty bundles approved by the New York PSC to protect customers from the high cost of repairing or replacing their home heating and cooling systems when they break down. Kiwi Guard is a value-added product available to customers who purchase electric or gas service from Kiwi Energy. 

“During these unprecedented times, partnering with Cinch allows Kiwi Energy to help our customers manage the inevitable cost of home system maintenance and repairs,” said Richard Booth, President of Retail Operations from Kiwi Energy. “We are proud to help set the tone for the New York energy industry and look forward to continuing to provide valuable products and services to our customers above and beyond energy service.” 

A Trusted Partner to Energy Providers

Cinch has been a long-time partner to regulated utilities and competitive energy suppliers, delivering turnkey solutions to meet the needs of their residential customers.

By bundling a home warranty plan with electric, natural gas, water, and other fuel services, Cinch helps its partners drive business growth through valuable product offerings as well as ensure compliance amidst changing state regulations. Most importantly, Cinch helps protect its partners’ customers from unexpected repair costs –  fulfilling a critical need given the Federal Reserve reports two in five U.S. homeowners would face significant financial struggle from an unbudgeted home expense of $400, with as many as 60 percent unable to cover a $1,000 expense.

“We at Cinch are committed to supporting our partners as they navigate a rapidly changing energy landscape,” said Steve Upshaw, Cinch CEO. “At the end of the day, we are proud to help our energy partners deliver relevant program bundles to their customers to optimize the performance, efficiency and reliability of the critical systems they rely on in their daily lives.”

A leader in the home management marketplace, Cinch offers a portfolio of industry-leading solutions and a 40-year track record in developing successful B2B2C (business to business to consumer) relationships. Thanks to its network of more than 18,000 highly qualified service providers, award-winning 24/7 customer service, and the industry's only 180-day service guarantee, Cinch has established itself as the home protection partner of choice for hundreds of companies – from established brands to leading startups across seven vertical markets. 

Equipped with the industry’s most diversified product portfolio, Cinch offers a variety of solutions that can be bundled with any utility service, including: 

  • Water, gas, natural gas, and sewer line protection
  • Electrical and surge protection coverage for both inside and outside the home
  • HVAC system coverage against mechanical failure due to wear and tear, lapsed maintenance, rust and corrosion and unknown pre-existing conditions
  • Annual HVAC preventative maintenance services to help improve homeowners’ energy usage
  • Protection for common plumbing issues such as stoppages, leaks, breaks and more

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About Cinch Home Services
Cinch Home Services is the leading home services company that makes it easy for everyone to enjoy their home to the fullest, regardless of whether they own or rent. Building upon 40 years of proven experience, Cinch uses smart, modern tools and an award-winning customer support network to remove the guesswork around preventing, diagnosing and solving a wide variety of home-related issues. Cinch partners with expert technicians nationwide to provide unmatched service and value and continues to make strides with digital-forward strategies, platforms and initiatives that are modernizing home management services to address today’s customer needs. Cinch strives to exceed owners, renters, real estate professionals and partners’ expectations, every time. Cinch Home Services, a member company of The Cross Country Group, is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL. To learn more, visit or the company’s Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

About Kiwi Energy 
Kiwi Energy is an energy retailer dedicated to providing innovative energy solutions for electricity and natural gas supply. As a company, we pride ourselves on transparency, and our team is always happy to help with any questions about the energy industry or our services. Please visit to learn more.

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