4 reasons every agent should use a real estate CRM

3 ways to turn your home's heating and cooling systems energy efficient

Key tips to remember

  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Get an Energy Star HVAC
  • Add insulation

Are programmable thermostats worth it?

A cost-benefit analysis

Key tips to remember

  • Consult the manual or contact a professional to make sure you are using correctly
  • For cooler months, heat should be set to around 70
  • For warmer months, AC should be set to around 78

5 tips to clean your windows like a pro

Key tips to remember

  • Choose the right tools
  • Bust mildew with bleach
  • Drop commercial window cleaners
  • Start inside
  • Don't forget the screens

Utilize new tools to find new leads

Key Tips to Remember

  • Learn how people are finding you online
  • Make sure websites and social media accounts are tailored to what's already working.
  • Take full advantage of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

How to generate better leads with simple marketing

Key Tips to Remember

  • Cross-post your social media content
  • Migrate contacts from social media and elsewhere to an email newsletter list
  • Consider a referral rewards program

Real estate professionals: 3 tips for striking a perfect work-life balance

Key Tips to Remember

  • Integrate your schedule
  • Set a routine
  • Make your own weekend

How top listing agents leverage Cinch home protection plans

Key tips to remember

  • Agents can differentiate their service by including a home protection plan in a competitive listing.
  • These plans provide buyer assurance during the price negotiation.
  • Even if the home does not sell, the property is covered at no cost during the listing period.
  • Plan holders benefit from significant discounts on name-brand appliances.

Referrals are crucial for sellers’ agents

Key Tips to Remember

  • Ask around and field any referrals you can
  • Track the success of your referrals

New agents should ask: ‘what traits do successful agents have?’

Key Tips to Remember

  • Watch the winners and do what they do or learn how
  • Stay disciplined and focused
  • Real estate is full of curveballs, so stay flexible

It’s vital to encourage clients to leave reviews

Key Tips to Remember

  • Utilize reviews to help build trust with new clients.
  • Ask for the review, but tread carefully
  • Comb through the feedback you get, and use the best reviews in client-facing material

Can you be shy and still have success in real estate?

Simple tips to improve real estate agents branding 

Key Tips to Remember

  • Simple changes to typography or color treatments can go a long way.
  • Major rebranding overhauls can confuse your clients, so keep it simple.
  • Consider updating headshots or property listing photos regularly.

Is virtual reality the next step in real estate technology? 

Key tips to remember

  • Utilize the latest technologies to give yourself an edge over the competition
  • Embrace virtual reality (VR) to show listings, saving yourself and your customers time.
  • VR will change the face of real estate sales quickly. Get ahead of the game.

How to solve 3 common trash compactor problems

Keep the door clean

  • Make sure it's plugged in
  • Check for frost
  • Give it a good cleaning
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