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  • How to clean your washer and dryer
  • How to easily replace a showerhead
  • How to repair a running toilet
  • How to drain a water heater
  • How to change your air filter

Holiday shopping in 2020: Rethink your gift list!

Key tips to remember

  • Smart home technology makes a great gift, even for non-tech-savvy loved ones.
  • You can never go wrong with home accessories in soft, luxurious fabrics.
  • Combine several smaller items to gift a full home experience.

5 must-do's to prepare your home for winter

Key tips to remember

  • Schedule an annual service appointment for your heating system and fireplace.
  • Insulate pipes to prevent them from freezing and potentially bursting.
  • Sometimes, a simple change can make a big impact.
  • Build or replenish your winter storm survival kit.
  • Prevent ice dams by cleaning gutters and keeping roof insulation evenly distributed.

Service Provider: Universal Repair

Fast facts:

  • Company: Universal Repair
  • Service pro: Joel Mendoza
  • Area served: Texas and Dallas/Ft.Worth
  • Favorite tool: Multimeter

5 ways outsourcing can reduce your workload

Key tips to remember

  • Time is your most valuable asset.
  • Hire help to do your least favorite tasks.
  • Spending time on what you do best can increase your profits.

Your next kitchen upgrade: 4 appliances to splurge on

Key tips to remember

  • A high price tag doesn’t necessarily equal high quality.
  • Determine your needs and wants — extra features can’t be added to an appliance after you purchase.
  • Get a dishwasher with a stainless-steel tub — it will look better longer, and resist stains and odors.
  • A good toaster oven is worth the splurge.

Survey: Being a host or guest during COVID-19

Key takeaways:

  • 35.7% of people said seeing loved ones was worth the risk of someone contracting COVID-19
  • 66% of people felt at least some pressure to attend recent social gatherings
  • 40% of people have argued with loved ones about virus precautions for holiday gatherings

Refrigerator maintenance 101

Key tips to remember

  • Keep your fridge and freezer well stocked to help the appliance cool efficiently.
  • Test your refrigerator door seals periodically to ensure they’re in good shape.
  • Vacuum underneath and behind your fridge to remove dirt and dust from the fan and condenser coils.

Thanksgiving at a distance

Key tips to remember

  • Move your Thanksgiving gathering outdoors in order to maintain social distancing and reduce the risk.
  • Fire up the grill, skip the buffet and focus on single servings to keep mealtime safer.
  • If celebrating virtually, coordinate menus by sharing recipes or ordering from the same restaurant.
  • Keep the games and entertainment outdoors or play online via gaming apps.
  • Follow CDC guidelines and asking everyone to self-isolate a couple of weeks before the event.

What makes an oven smoke?

Key tips to remember

  • New ovens come with a factory coating so manufacturers recommend a “burn in” period before use.
  • Skip chemical oven cleaners, and clean the oven at least once a month with natural ingredients.
  • Use the self-cleaning cycle sparingly to avoid a full-fledged fire hazard.
  • Position food about 3 inches below the broiler, and check on meats and foods with higher fat contents that can drip.
  • Get a home protection plan and save the hassle replacing a faulty heating element or other part.

Service Provider: Best Appliance

Fast facts:

  • Company: Best Appliance
  • Service pro: Jeff Jordan
  • Specialty: Indoor appliances
  • Area served: Ohio
  • Favorite tool: Ratchet wrench

DIY tips for water heater maintenance

Key tips to remember

  • Water heaters typically have an average lifespan of approximately ten years.
  • Prevent sediment buildup in the water heater tank by draining the water heater periodically.
  • Your water heater’s anode rod is an excellent gauge of the appliance’s overall health.
  • The temperature on your water heater can be turned down — and doing so can save you money.

Decorating tips for every level of Halloween enthusiast

Key tips to remember

  • Organizing and labeling decoration storage is key to making the process fun and easy.
  • A wreath is a great way to add Halloween flair to your house without going overboard.
  • Simple themes make for a stress-free decorating experience.

Complete the furnace maintenance checklist before temperatures drop

Key tips to remember

  • Retire your A/C system for the season with a proper cleaning, and protect it with a cover.
  • Change air filters, and check insulation and ductwork for inefficient gaps.
  • Remove floor vents and registers to vacuum out debris, and have chimneys and fireplaces cleaned.
  • Schedule a service appointment for your heating system for cleaning, care and inspection.
  • Look into a home protection plan for peace of mind during the busy holiday season.

Perk up! It's International Coffee Day!

Fun facts:

  • Coffee is second only to water in beverage popularity.
  • Regular coffee drinkers have actually been noted to live longer.
  • The espresso machine revolutionized coffee drinking.
  • We have more ways than ever to bring the local cafe into our kitchens.

Service Provider: Affordable Appliance

Fast facts:

  • Company: Affordable Appliance
  • Service pro: Richie Isaacson
  • Specialty: Indoor appliances
  • Area served: Massachusetts
  • Favorite tool: Screwdriver

Beginner’s guide to building a smart home

Key tips to remember

  • Know why you want a smart home.
  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Build your system at your own pace.
  • Understand any security risks and how to avoid them.
  • Know when it's best to call the pros.

10 things for your fall home-maintenance checklist

Key tips to remember

  • Address any structural issues to protect your home from fall weather.
  • Perform annual maintenance and safety checks.
  • Organize the garage or shed to keep essential tools handy.
  • Fertilize the lawn, and start composting and planting for spring.

How to save money during tough times

Key tips to remember

  • Keep your grocery budget in check through meal planning, shopping apps and buying generic.
  • Swap coffee shops and meat for drinking more water and gardening.
  • Streamline subscriptions, and trade gym memberships for home workouts.
  • From home Wi-Fi to a mortgage refi, shop for better rates and lower payments.
  • Turn off the lights, and get energy efficient at home.

10 easy-enough DIY home projects

Key tips to remember

  • There are some projects that don’t require a big budget or expertise to complete.
  • Get the best return on investment by painting your front door or garage and updating landscaping.
  • Sometimes, a simple change can make a big impact.
  • Home updates even minor ones can bring you greater enjoyment for years to come.
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