Real estate goal tracking 101: how to reach the finish line

Key Tips to Remember

  • Keep track of your goals and milestones
  • Take advantage of a points system to help track progress
  • Use apps and online goal trackers to keep yourself on the right path

The best way to achieve your goals — both personal and professional — is to track them from start to finish. Keeping track of your goals does more than offer you a proof of completion. This extra attention can actually help you reach the finish line more efficiently — and without tripping at any point.

This is important for real estate professionals. With so much going on during the buying season, it can be easy to get distracted from your real estate goals — especially those of a personal nature. However, keeping track will help you maintain focus, work toward objectives in digestible chunks and determine what works and what doesn't.
Three steps to effective real estate goal tracking 

There are three primary steps to tracking one's goals, according to Inman.

  1. Define your goals - The most obvious, yet important, step to tracking your real estate goals is setting them. Specify what your objective is, like converting X leads,  and set a timeline for achieving it. Be sure to go with goals within the realm of possibility; aiming too high may be setting yourself up for disappointment. That's not to say you shouldn’t be ambitious, though. Simply stay practical.
  2. Create a roadmap to success - You will need to program a GPS of sorts with your real estate goal as your destination. What is the best route? The best path is one that is broken down into pieces. Set up daily or weekly miniature objectives to help you reach the ultimate goal.
  3. Develop a tracking system - Using a spreadsheet, come up with a point system to help you track your progress. As you track progress in one column and watch the points add up in another, you’ll have a visual representation of how far you've gone as well as how much further you have to go.

There are apps for that Of course, there's a chance you don't have the time to set up a spreadsheet and develop a points system. Luckily, as with seemingly everything, there's an app for tracking goals. In fact, there's plenty more than one, and many of them are free. Entrepreneur recommends a number of them:


This app scores your progress on a weekly basis. Come up with an action you want to track, and enter a point value out of 100. Each week you will start at zero and work your way up to 100 in seven days.


This option was developed based on psychology and personal development principles, putting science on your side. GoalsOnTrack also offers numerous customizable goal-tracking templates, so you can stay on top of progress in a comfortable style.

If you don't want to start a particular journey alone, this is the app for you. crowdsources encouragement from other users, ensuring you always have the motivation you need to work toward your objective.

When you set a goal, often you're in for a long and maybe even difficult odyssey, but the reward at the finish line is worth it. To make sure you get there, always track your progress and plan accordingly.

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