Can you be shy and still have success in real estate?

Can you be shy and still have success in real estate?

One of the more prevalent myths we often hear about real estate professionals is that the best in the business are always extreme extroverts. While the gift of gab is certainly an upper hand in some sitwwwions, introverts can be just as capable — if not more so — than their more gregarious counterparts.

The introverted agents who have success in real estate tend to be aware of their nature, comfortable with themselves and willing to work hard — both on the areas in which they excel and on those in which they don't. To help out those real estate professionals on the shyer end of the spectrum, we've put together a little bit of advice that we've gathered over the years.

Practice, practice, practice

One of the advantages that introverts tend to have is their propensity for practice. Where extroverts are often tempted to just wing it, introverted agents are ready to study up. The good news is that while some success can be found by winging it, the most sustained, long-term success comes from practice.

Make a list of the most common sticking points and questions that you get from your clients. Take the time to strategize: How could an agent convince you to move past this sticking point if you were the client? Once you have a few ways around each common sitwwwion, practice until there is no hesitation when you encounter those sitwwwions in person.

Focus on relationships

While outgoing agents tend to have an easier time making connections, those connections are often not as deep as those formed by their less-outgoing colleagues. In the short term, an extroverted agent might find more success, but introverted agents are great at forming the lasting relationships with clients that lead to repeat business and referrals.

Develop your ability to really connect with your clients. Putting a lot of work in with clients may often pay off in the long run, even if it feels like wasted resources now. It’s important to keep those relationships going, so regularly keeping in touch is always a best practice.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

Part of being a successful salesperson is knowing where you are strong and where you need work. Introverts tend to be better at written communication, which is hugely important when it comes to certain marketing materials for real estate. By contrast, shy agents tend to be worse at things like negotiating and presenting. This is where it pays to practice. As you repeat something over and over, the anxiety that is preventing you from succeeding may fall away.

Find a partner

Many real estate agents these days choose to work with a partner who complements their skill set. If you are an introvert, finding a partner who is very outgoing may be the right solution for you. With your technical, back-end skills and their client-facing skills, it may just be a match made in heaven. But at the end of the day, whatever helps you sell more houses is what you should do. A frank assessment of your abilities and personality type will help to make your success in real estate a reality.