Mid-summer HVAC check-up tips

To make sure your summer HVAC experience is consistently cool, read on!

Key tips to remember

  • Don’t run your system 24/7
  • Be sure to change your filters
  • Keep vents and airflow unobstructed
  • Check your wiring, fan and thermostat
  • Plan on an annual inspection

What would you do to buy a home? [survey]

Key takeaways:

  • Homeownership is most important to Gen Zers according to survey results
  • Over half of people would give up alcohol for a year to become a homeowner
  • Nearly 6 in 10 people would rather own their dream home over having kids

Should you fix or replace broken appliances? [Survey]

Key takeaways:

  • 3 out of 4 respondents would rather fix an item than replace it.
  • Almost 1 in 3 respondents had experienced a breakup over home repairs.
  • 1 in 3 renters had lied to their landlord in order to get a new item for their home.
  • Half of homeowners would replace appliances in their home to increase its value before selling

How and when to clean a washing machine

Believe it or not, you’re going to want to clean your washing machine. Here’s how and why.

Key tips to remember

  • Clean your machine once a month
  • Vinegar and water are usually all you need
  • Skip the bleach. It’s toxic and unnecessary
  • A one-hour soak can break up funky junk
  • Think preventively and cleaning will be easy

How to turn your house into an energy efficient home

Whether you’re upgrading or building, your home can be more efficient.

Key tips to remember

  • Get an energy evaluation/audit
  • Make sure your HVAC unit is efficient
  • Seal your windows, doors and ducts
  • Choose Energy Star appliances
  • Consider renewables and recyclables

Are you setting yourself up for success from the very start of the day? [Study]

Key takeaways:

  • 88% of people always or often have a morning routine. Among them, highly productive people (92%) were more likely to do so.
  • Forty-three percent of Americans said they view drinking coffee as the most crucial part of their morning routine, followed by exercising (32%) and taking a shower (26%).
  • Among people preparing for their morning routines the night before (44%), more than 2 in 5 report low levels of stress.

Try these steps if your garbage disposal is not working

Keep your fingers to yourself, follow these tips, and you’ll be in good shape.

Key tips to remember

  • Learn how your model works
  • Use your disposal with care
  • Avoid disposing of problematic items
  • Do some troubleshooting first
  • Replace the whole unit if you must

First step to a successful BBQ season: Cleaning the grill

Whether you’re a charcoal champion or prefer to get down with gas, clean that thing!

Key tips to remember

  • Clean your grill after every use
  • Do a deeper clean between seasons
  • Watch out for wire brushes
  • Skip the toxic cleaners
  • Keep your grill covered and dry

Your home maintenance checklist for the summer

Your home is ready for your help. The weather is better — are you ready?

Key tips to remember

  • Start with an HVAC checkup
  • Get a power washer and use it
  • Seal off all access holes
  • Clean that grill and check the roof
  • Read on and check off your list

25 beautiful swimming pool ideas

From classic, modern and lap pools to the lap of luxury, infinity and beyond

Key takeaways

  • You might like a tank, rectangle, modern, lap or indoor pool
  • Think natural, historic, spa-combo, rocks or pool-house vibes
  • Consider lighting, landscape, recycling, beach entries and waterparks
  • Imagine a view to infinity, with fire, fountains and indoor rooms outdoors
  • Tile it. Bridge it. Plant it. Jump it, or just get funky with it

America on the move: How the pandemic has influenced real estate markets nationwide

Key takeaways

  • Freed from the daily commute, homebuyers moved to new locations for affordability and space
  • New priorities for buyers include private outdoor space, a home office and room for pets
  • Real estate agents are adapting their strategies for hot sellers’ markets and less competitive markets

Which brand of air conditioner is best?

Which brand of A/C is best? Check out our guide to the best HVAC brands!

Key tips to remember

  • Do your homework with research
  • Look at size and efficiency
  • Examine price and warranty
  • Consider lifespan and features
  • Study reliability and value

11 amazing budget backyard deck ideas

 Stay cool on the cheap with these backyard deck ideas on a budget

Key takeaways

  • Consider privacy, versatility, materials and design
  • Look into pricing, staining, sealing, painting and plants
  • Don’t forget trees, lighting or firepits
  • Peruse pergolas and gazebos
  • Get down into the details

15 irresistible outdoor home decorating ideas

More like 15 categories, jam-packed with even more great ideas

Key takeaways

  • Think about furniture, pillows, plants and walls
  • Consider lighting, fire, water, zones and themes
  • Look at windows, numbers, signs and fences
  • Browse bricks, pavers, tubs and windchimes
  • Extend indoor style outdoors, and improvise

The cost of central air conditioning in 2021

Factors impacting the purchase and installation price of a central air conditioner

Key tips to remember

  • Keep our general considerations in mind
  • Match unit size and capacity with home size
  • Consider energy efficiency and alternative systems
  • Look at warranties, tax credits and rebates
  • Get estimates from trusted contractors

Survey: Shut it down! How many Americans are engaging in unsanitary kitchen habits?

Key takeaways

  • Millennials were the most likely generation to say they’re adventurous in the kitchen.
  • Over half of the people surveyed failed our kitchen safety and knowledge quiz.
  • 37.3% of respondents (or nearly 4 in 10) believe in the 5-second rule.
  • More people said they had a meat thermometer in their kitchen than a fire extinguisher.

Best cities to go for singles

Key takeaways

  • San Francisco was the highest-ranked city for singles based on the Cinch Singles Index Score (78.9).
  • Boston, Massachusetts, had the highest percentage of singles within its population at 57.3%.
  • 30% of individuals who experienced a breakup moved to a new city following their separation, while 47.5% went on a trip following their breakup.

Survey: Short-term rental dreams and nightmares

Key takeaways

  • 59% of people are more interested in taking a vacation now than they were before the pandemic
  • 45% of people are more interested in privately owned rentals than they were before the pandemic
  • Price, location and cleanliness are the three most important things to short-term renters
  • 70% of potential renters are more likely to stay in a rental with enhanced cleaning
  • 55% of potential renters are more likely to stay in a rental with clear COVID-19 policies

DIY air conditioning repair

Broken air conditioner? Empty wallet? You can do this, and we can help.

Key tips to remember

  • Study your system to learn how it works
  • Cut the power before troubleshooting
  • A good cleaning just might fix it
  • Check all the common problem areas
  • Know when to call in a pro

Survey: Do Americans know how to take care of their kitchen appliances?

Key takeaways

  • 1 in 3 people incorrectly think cast iron can go in the dishwasher
  • Half of homeowners said they stayed on top of changing their A/C filters, compared to 2 in 5 renters
  • Most people thought highly of their ability to maintain their home, despite knowing a moderate amount of “best practices”
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