Simple tips to improve real estate agents branding 

Simple tips to improve real estate agents branding 

Key Tips to Remember

  • Simple changes to typography or color treatments can go a long way.
  • Major rebranding overhauls can confuse your clients, so keep it simple.
  • Consider updating headshots or property listing photos regularly.

Branding is vital in today's marketing environment, and real estate agents can make just a few easy changes to improve theirs dramatically. By focusing on some smaller details, agents may be able to completely revitalize their look without a significant overhaul.

Some of the simplest updates agents can make are changing the fonts or colors on their various branding channels, such as their websites, yard signs or business cards, according to RISmedia. Even transitioning from one shade of, say, blue to another might help agents make their marketing feel fresh. However, it's also wise to keep in mind that any significant changes need to be considered carefully — even a simple color change from blue to yellow, for instance, could be unrecognizable at first.

Keeping it simple

Those who don't have a lot of design experience may think a lot of flourishes on a website or sign can really draw the eye, but in general, simpler is the best way to go, according to Fast Company Design. This is also true of slogans, which should convey what an agent is all about in as few words as possible. Agents may want to pack as much they can into such an effort, but brevity is key.

Other ways in which agents can improve branding are with new headshots or property listing photos. And while it's not always easy to find the right balance of words, fonts, colors and photos, a little experimentation can really pay off for agents who want to spice up their look without going through a huge and costly rebranding process.

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