Remodel your home’s IQ with these smart kitchen appliances


The Samsung four-door refrigerator with Family Hub™

Breaththrough feature: Interior camera

The most common question we ask ourselves at the grocery store: “Wait … do I need butter? Or eggs? Or milk?” Samsung’s smart fridges come equipped with an interior camera that lets you peek in on your perishables from your phone so you can get the answer to that question anytime.

The magnets of the 20th century have been replaced with Samsung’s Family Hub, a touch-screen memo board that accesses pictures, the internet, email, music, and temperature controls as well as a view of what’s inside — all without opening the door. And for anyone accustomed to talking to their fridge — asking those existential questions like, “What can I make from cheese and vinegar peppers?” — Samsung presents to you Bixby, their version of Alexa.

Of course, this appliance also comes with all the latest cooling systems and energy-saving technology and other behind-the-scenes features that aren’t quite as cool as watching a cooking show on your refrigerator door.

GE® double oven electric convection range

Breakthrough feature: Synchronized burners

Available in both electric and gas, this sleek, stainless-steel double oven gives your kitchen that extra modern touch. It connects through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Nest so you can turn down the heat on any meal without getting off the couch.

Revolution Cooking two-slice high-speed smart toaster

Breakthrough feature: State-of-the-art heating capabilities

In this 21st century world of kitchen appliances, somehow, the toaster got left behind. Until now. Revolution Cooking’s smart toaster lives up to its name, essentially reinventing how bread is toasted.

Before now, the same heating-coil technology was used in all toasters — regardless of price tag — dating back to the 1800s! The Revolution Cooking intuitive touch screen allows you to select the exact shade and crispness you desire, and the end result comes out in a fraction of the time as traditional toaster ovens.

Additional features include a 15-second warm-up setting for those bagels that linger on the breakfast table a bit too long. Its stainless-steel, handmade construction and sleek design make it a welcome addition to any smart kitchen.

GE® smart countertop microwave

Breakthrough feature: Scan-to-cook technology

Once those pops begin to space out, it’s only a matter of seconds before the perfect bag of buttery popcorn becomes blackened at the bottom and burnt throughout. It’s an age-old battle we all wage as we get ready for that Saturday night movie or midday snack. With GE’s Alexa-assisted countertop microwave, a simple voice command from the living room sofa will save the day … and those unseemly fingerprints that decorate your old microwave’s key pad.

And the voice technology isn’t even the hero of this nifty appliance. Using the product’s app and scan-to-cook technology, you can scan the barcode of any packaged good and the microwave will automatically adjust power levels, cook times and more. Now, microwaving has truly become a convenience.

Umbra Otto automatic soap dispenser

Breakthrough feature: Restaurant restroom innovation at home

So, the Umbra Otto automatic hand soap dispenser isn’t voice activated, and — let’s be honest — we’ve been using them in public restrooms for years, but for less than $25 it’s the perfect accent to all the other gadgets in your newly renovated kitchen.

Ward off germs and bacteria with this hands-free dispenser that certainly comes in handy during flu season or for any meal involving raw foods. And with a contemporary design and silver finish, it’s like a hood ornament for your new stainless-steel sink. Well worth the purchase — especially if you have kids.

Ember Mug

Breakthrough feature: Temperature control

A coffee mug probably is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of filling out a kitchen remodel, but once you experience the convenience of this handheld heater, you’ll never want a “dumb” mug again.

Imagine the amount of coffee or tea you’ve discarded because you simply forgot about them and they went cold and dejected. Now, with Ember’s smart mug (which charges on a matching coaster), you can heat up those formerly hot beverages to your exact preferred temperature. It’s operated through a smartphone app that sets levels, customizes presets, receives notifications and more.

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