How a home warranty can boost your image as a real estate agent

Key tips to remember:

  • Including a home warranty increases the chances of a home selling faster and closer to asking price.
  • Home warranties help ensure a smooth closing by covering any last-minute issues that might arise.
  • With 40 years experience, Cinch can act as a trusted resource for any real estate agent.
  • Cinch has a nationwide network of service professionals and 180-day work guarantee.
  • A Cinch home warranty makes for an overall positive homebuying experience for everyone.

Partnering with Cinch can give your real estate business a competitive edge. Not only does including a home warranty increase the appeal of a property and get offers closer to asking price, but it also shows you care about a client’s peace of mind — even long after the closing.


Increase appeal, provide more value and keeps clients covered

A friendly demeanor will get you far, but you don’t want to be known as just the “nice real estate agent.” You want to be known as the nice agent who gets sellers the most money and gives buyers the most protection and peace of mind. A Cinch home warranty can help you achieve both of those goals. Properties that include a home warranty spend an average of 11 fewer days on the market and sell for an average of $2,300 more than homes without a plan.


A smoother experience for everyone

The period from inspection to closing can take up to two months, and a lot of unexpected bumps can occur during that time. Even something as minor as a stovetop burner not working in the final walkthrough could lead to a delay or worse. A home warranty helps cover any last-minute issues, ensuring a smooth closing for all involved.


Knowledge is everything

A good real estate agent knows the ins and outs of home ownership, and no one knows that world better than Cinch. When it comes to home systems and appliances, we’ll help you stay well versed and up to speed — from the best types of furnaces to the lifespan of a water heater. Whether you’re showing a listing or joining a buyer at an open house, knowing how to spot the good, bad and ugly is an invaluable resource for any agent.


Best-in-class service, best-in-class reputation

To be known as the best, it helps to work with the best. With Cinch, you can be confident that you’re offering clients a top-notch brand with 40 years of experience, modern digital innovations, a vast network of service pros and a 180-day workmanship guarantee.


More happy clients equal more business.

Your client relationship doesn’t end at the closing. Their continued happiness leads to positive word of mouth and referrals, which lead to more opportunities, more business and better brand recognition for you. And this could all hinge on one experience, such as one unexpected water heater leaking or air conditioner breaking down. The ease and reliability of a Cinch home warranty can mean the difference between a costly, stressful surprise and a pleasantly smooth fix.


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