Great real estate marketing doesn't have to be complicated

Key Tips to Remember

  • Set realistic goals that you can achieve
  • Big, beautiful pictures and well-written words work wonders
  • Stay flexible — markets move fast and strategies change

Sometimes, the best advice for real estate professionals who want to revamp their marketing is to "keep it simple."

The tendency to overthink marketing efforts is understandable, but according to My Venture Pad, agents really don't have to do as much as they might think to attract buyers and sellers — especially in today's market. One of the biggest missteps agents can make at this time is to try to overreach their goals, but there's no real need to do that. While it's always nice to have contingencies in place, goals are goals for a reason: They're based on realistic expectations that should be within reach as long as agents put in the work.

Once those goals or expectations are established, having a strategy for how to achieve them without going overboard becomes easier to accommodate. If agents know what they will be doing and who they should be targeting, meeting those goals becomes relatively simple.

The rule of thumb in the industry today for how best to market to people is pretty straightforward: Big, beautiful pictures and well-written words in an attractive typeface, targeted at specific demographic groups (based on the platform or medium in which the marketing materials are distributed) will typically get the job done.

Moreover, it's important to be flexible because what works in real estate marketing changes over time. The more that can be done to consistently self-evaluate what works and what doesn't, the better off agents will be. Looking at other agents' marketing efforts to see if they're finding success with different strategies is a good tactic as well.

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