Decorating tips for every level of Halloween enthusiast

Decorating tips for every level of Halloween enthusiast

Key tips to remember

  • Organizing and labeling decoration storage is key to making the process fun and easy.
  • A wreath is a great way to add Halloween flair to your house without going overboard.
  • Simple themes make for a stress-free decorating experience.


If there’s any holiday known for going all out with decorating (in the U.S., at least), it’s Halloween. And whether you love Halloween, hate it or are mostly indifferent, it’s hard to escape the spooky decorations in myriad shades of black, orange and purple that seem to take over big-box stores as soon as the kids go back to school in August. And if you can’t get away from all those pumpkins, ghosts and skeletons, you might as well join ’em, right?

Decorating for the holidays can be a lot of fun even if you’re a committed minimalist. Halloween is a great opportunity to kick-start the fall and winter holiday season while still showcasing your personal style. Regardless of your level of Halloween enthusiasm, we’ve got some easy tips to help you turn your home into a spooky paradise!

Halloween decorating for minimalists

Do you prefer a “less is more” approach to home decor? Fortunately, adding spooky touches to your house doesn’t have to be a hassle. Most big-box home stores have seasonal decor in a variety of styles, including modern, grown-up versions of Halloween classics.

Check out our tips for decorating your house for Halloween without compromising your streamlined aesthetic.

1. Choose which rooms or areas you plan to decorate. If your goal is to stick to the bare minimum (no judgment here!), opt for spots guests will be most likely to see. The main entryway is a great place to start. If you entertain, plan to add a few curated decorations to your kitchen or dining room as well.

2. Look for decorations in earth tones. Conventional Halloween decorations are recognizable by their garish color palette, but that doesn’t mean that you have to concede. Keep an eye on the home decor stores in your area for seasonal decorations in earthy, muted orange tones and soft charcoal.

3. Stick to a simple theme. Remember that Halloween decorations don’t have to be gaudy —and they don’t have to be scary either! Pumpkins in different shapes and tones of orange, for example, are a lovely theme that will carry you from Halloween through Thanksgiving. Show off your collection in a centerpiece on your dining room table or entryway credenza, and then add a pumpkin-themed wreath to the front door. No need to spend November 1 in a redecorating frenzy — you’ll be in good shape until the first of December.

Halloween decorating when your motto is “more is more”

If decorating your home is one of your favorite hobbies, then Halloween is the perfect opportunity to show off.

1. Choose a theme for each room. This is the fun part. Festive gourds for the kitchen? Sure! Maybe a friendly skeleton theme for the guest bathroom? Do a family vote for a Halloween movie theme for the living room, and then let your kids decide how they want to decorate the front door and entryway to give trick-or-treaters a scare.

2. Keep an eye on sales. Collecting seasonal decor can get pricey, so be sure to take advantage of day-after sales. November 1 and the week between Christmas and New Year’s are great times to check out the clearance sections of your local home stores — especially if you don’t mind digging a little!

3. Store decorations carefully. Even if you buy most of your home decor items on sale, you’re still making an investment with every purchase. Be sure to also snag some sturdy bins to store all of your decorations in the off-season. Wrap fragile items in seasonal kitchen and bath towels; that way, you’ll be protecting delicate decorations and storing your Halloween linens at the same time!

Halloween decorating for busy people

If you’re a parent, work full time outside (or inside!) the home or travel a lot, taking the time to decorate your home for Halloween might not fall very high on your list of priorities. Fortunately, there are a few shortcuts you can take so you can enjoy a decorated home without making a huge time commitment.

1. Splurge on a wreath. Wreaths can get costly, but they’re an easy, one-step way to make your house nice and spooky — or festive, at the very least — for Halloween. Include a wreath storage container in your budget. A nice wreath should last you several years, and storing it properly every year will help ensure that it looks as good as new every time October rolls around.

2. Label every decor storage bin. One of the most time-consuming parts of holiday decorating is scouring the attic or basement to find the decorations you want. Whether you use a label maker or a pen and a roll of masking tape, don’t let yourself get in too much of a hurry that you skip labeling your bins and boxes of Halloween decorations.

Try to maintain some level of organization as you pack items, too. Your pumpkin collection, for example, needs a (labeled) box all to itself. Same goes for the skeleton collection you’re building. These steps will save you countless hours next year — and saving time is priceless when you’re already stretched thin!

3. Cut yourself some slack. You have a lot going on! So maybe all you could manage this year was a front-door wreath and some faux cobwebs around the porch. That’s OK! Your other decorations can be on full display next year.

If you’re really pressed for time but still want to honor your inner Halloween fanatic, check out the tips above for Halloween decorating minimalists. Choose a simple theme and focus your decorating time on the areas guests are most likely to see. Or opt for one show-stopping element — maybe an illuminated yard figurine or vignette or a spooky, motion-activated critter for the front porch — to make sure your friends and neighbors know how excited you are for Halloween.

Decorating for the holidays is one of the more enjoyable parts of being a homeowner or renter. It’s your opportunity to put your personal style on display and delight your friends and neighbors at the same time. And Halloween is extra special because trick-or-treating gives you a chance to enchant (and maybe spook just a little bit) the kids in your neighborhood.

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