3 ways to celebrate Memorial Day this year

3 ways to celebrate Memorial Day this year

Key tips to remember

  • Spend time with your family to make the most out of this special day.
  • Support the front line through your favorite charitable organization.
  • Decorate for the holiday to put everyone in the right spirit to celebrate.


What matters most about your home are the memories you create inside. These are what make your home unique and so special to come back to after the end of a long day. Your home goes through a lot of transformations —from holidays to changes in style to appliance updates and renovations — and they all mark different milestones in your life. You’ll likely be spending this Memorial Day in your home, which gives you the opportunity to create a new tradition or memory to look back on.

Memorial Day honors all of the military professionals who lost their lives protecting ours. It’s a celebration of heroes that is especially poignant given the current circumstances, in which all different kinds of heroes are putting their lives on the line for the public.

So, in addition to veterans, we recommend taking a moment this Memorial Day to share your gratitude for the health-care professionals, grocery store workers and many more who have been lost on the front lines during this difficult time. This day of remembrance is a timely reminder to commemorate their noble actions throughout the past few months.

1. Spend time with family

In light of everything that’s happened recently, we’ve seen a reverberation of family values across the world. Being able to lean on family is more important now than ever before for your well-being and livelihood.

As such, a great way to celebrate Memorial Day is by being among family and other loved ones. It may have to take place virtually, but if you are lucky enough to be sheltering in place together, you could host a BBQ or have a mini field day with activities for everyone.

Family gatherings provide you with a safe space to appreciate and pay homage to those lost in battle or on the front lines. Celebrating Memorial Day with loved ones and light-hearted fun provides comfort on a day that may also be tough if someone close to you has perished while defending our country.

2. Support the front lines

Use this Memorial Day to send your appreciation to both veterans and front-line workers. Here are a few resources that make a difference in the lives of these professionals:

Off Their Plate

Off Their Plate partners with the food industry to provide meals to health-care professionals. Learn about their operations, and donate to the cause.

Center for Disaster Philanthropy's COVID-19 Response Fund

In response to the virus outbreak, this fund supports preparedness and recovery efforts for those affected. The fund focuses on supporting non-profit organizations that are direct responders to the pandemic. Support low-income households, small businesses, families of color, the elderly and other minority communities that are the most vulnerable.

Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude provides a variety of ways to show your support. Write a letter to a veteran, thanking them for their service; put together a gift package; donate to the cause; or join their selection of virtual volunteer opportunities.

Feed Our Vets

Donate to provide food assistance to veterans and their families. Support community food pantries and public outreach programs. Contribute to these resources or take a look at their volunteer opportunities.

3. Celebrate in style

The final touch to the quintessential Memorial Day celebration is showing off your patriotic spirit. Hang an American flag in front of your home just in time for the summer. You can also decorate your home or backyard with streamers, balloons or handmade signs. Make the day an opportunity to break out the markers or paint and get creative!

Happy Memorial Day from the Cinch family. There are so many ways to show your appreciation, so we hope you’ll join us in taking the time to demonstrate your gratitude to the military and healthcare professionals you know — and even ones you don’t. We are all so lucky to be protected by these selfless heroes.

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