10 easy-enough DIY home projects

10 easy-enough DIY home projects

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Key tips to remember

  • There are some projects that don’t require a big budget or expertise to complete
  • Get the best return on investment by painting your front door or garage and updating landscaping.
  • Sometimes, a simple change can make a big impact
  • Home updates even minor ones can bring you greater enjoyment for years to come

Baking, living room workouts, walks, more walks and TikToks. These are just some of the shared activities families across the world are embracing as we all continue to stay #AtHomeTogether.

And then, of course, it seems many people are turning the extra hours spent at home into time well spent improving their humble abodes. According to a realtor.com® survey, out of 1,300 homeowners and renters, about 32% of those surveyed said they had started a home-improvement project throughout this time of quarantine, and another 15% plan to embark on one. Some people are taking up gardening while others are repainting tired rooms with fresh colors, but the list of DIY home projects doesn’t have to end there.

There are so many ways to improve your home — especially with the help of a few extra hands. That being said, not everyone is naturally handy or flush with cash. Still, there are some projects that don’t require a big budget or expertise to complete. So get the whole family involved, and tackle one, two or a few of these simple DIY home project ideas.

Personalize your mailbox or house numbers.

Spruce up your front entry by giving your mailbox or house numbers a refresh. Let your family’s personality shine through when picking the colors or hardware. You can keep the look simple and clean or really amp things up with vibrant hues and embellishments. A small update like this can make a surprisingly big impact.

Give your porch a makeover.

Perhaps you redo your mailbox, but why stop there? Really boost your home’s curb appeal with a full-fledged revamp. After all, your porch or walkway is the first thing visitors see — and right now, just about the only thing most people will see.

Not only can a new front door color or hanging flower arrangement add a bit of wow factor, but it can also add value to your property. According to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report, some of the DIY home projects with the best return on investment include painting your front door or garage and updating your landscaping.

And once you’re finished, you can show off your hard work and get in on another social-distance-friendly trend: porch portraits. What better way is there to commemorate a home improvement project well done?

Team-clean windows.

With chores like window cleaning always on the list of things to do, they never actually seem to get done. Divide and conquer this task as a family, and you’ll be seeing clearer in no time. And if you clean the outside of the windows too, have fun cooling off together outside with a suds fight!

Finally tackle the basement.

Anyone with a basement knows that this underground place of dwelling is typically just a breeding ground for stuff. Stuff you don’t need or even want. In fact, the realtor.com® survey found that what homeowners really want the most — but didn't have — in their homes was more space. About 19% of survey participants dreamed of having additional square footage. So don’t push this task off for another year when you could really make more of this space now. Cough, cough: Parent secret escape zone, anyone?

Give cabinets a facelift.

Whether you choose to redo the kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity, this DIY home project is great because it is cost effective and all ages can contribute. It’s easy enough for younger members to help with the painting component while older siblings or parents detach, sand and reattach the pieces. And everyone can have some fun picking the color and hardware. Experts are saying the all-white kitchen is a thing of the past, so explore some color inspo for 2020!

Go dust-bust crazy!

Sure, you dust. Just like, sure, you’ve washed your hair every day of quarantine. So let’s really get down and dirty with this DIY home project. Move all of the furniture and bust those bunnies once and for...well, awhile at least. To keep your home dust-free for longer, consider purchasing an air purifier. And if you have pets, regular grooming can help reduce the amount of dander and shedding.

Make a #ZoomRoom.

Is anyone in need of a #ZoomRoom? Odds are more than one person in your family can answer yes to that question. Have fun remaking an underused space and transforming it into a useful hub — whether that means for office or homeschool use. Are your kids in virtual activities? Would you like to take a virtual yoga class? Consider all of the ways the room could flex and serve the whole family.

Clear the clutter.

Still have a cabinet full of DVDs? Is there a closet in your hallway stacked with college textbooks, a bag of receipts and shoes you will never wear again? Challenge the whole family to lighten the clutter load. You can turn it into a game to see who can purge the most. Let the winner pick the movie or dinner for the night as their reward.

Go back to basics.

Consider using this time to really get things in order. And by that, we mean actually put things in order. Whether that’s by alphabetizing books, color-coding closets or arranging spices in the order they’re most used. Things will be easier to find and can look more appealing too.

Repurpose an under-used piece.

Not all that’s old needs to be placed on the curb with your discarded clutter. Furniture can often get a second life. Here are just a few ideas to get your imagination going:

  • Turn an old sewing table into an outside drink station.
  • Transform a headboard into a bench.
  • Convert your dresser into a kitchen island.

Whether you decide to focus your energy on sprucing up or cleaning house, you’ll reap the reward not only during this time of sheltering in place but also in the years to come. And why not help ensure that the improvements you make today will last with one of Cinch’s home protection plans? Get a quote today.

Your home protection is ready and waiting!