A guide to troubleshooting your Samsung microwave

A guide to troubleshooting your Samsung microwave



Samsung microwaves are well known for their quality and longevity, but even high-quality microwaves can develop issues over time that need repair or replacement. 

Samsung microwaves are built to last. If a problem arises, there are steps you can try to get your appliance working again. This guide discusses some common issues and repairs you might face while heating food with your Samsung microwave. Whether the microwave was built into your home or purchased on Amazon, use this guide to find the right tools to get your microwave to heat your favorite foods properly.

The good news is there are several ways to go about repairing your microwave. The essential part is repairing it in the safest way possible. Cinch Home Services helps make appliance repairs more manageable than ever when something is out of your hands. Let’s review how to fix your microwave when it stops you from enjoying your favorite foods.


What are the most common problems with Samsung microwaves?

Having a Samsung microwave oven break down is not ideal. Some common problems can occur with your Samsung microwave oven that might require troubleshooting. If your Samsung microwave breaks down, consider the list below before tackling the steps needed to address the issue.

Common problems with the Samsung microwave include:

  • Your microwave is not heating.
  • Your microwave is overheating or underheating.
  • Your Samsung microwave is not turning on or off.
  • Your Samsung turntable is not working. 
  • Your Samsung microwave light is not working.
  • Parts are broken or falling apart, resulting in microwave problems.
  • Your Samsung microwave is stuck on the wrong setting.
  • There are issues with your microwave plug or cord.

If your Samsung microwave stops working, consider the following in-depth troubleshooting steps.


Is your Samsung microwave not heating?

Is your microwave leaving you with cold food? If so, there could be a variety of reasons. By checking for the following issues, you can troubleshoot your microwave and help get it back in working order.

Keep in mind that working with heating elements can be dangerous. If you conclude that something like the diode (a part of your microwave that converts heat to warm your food) is broken, consider calling a professional to assist with those repairs.

Check that the door is fully closed

If your Samsung microwave is not heating, check that the microwave door is fully closed. This seems like a simple mistake, but it happens more often than you think. In this scenario, the microwave does not heat your food thoroughly — or at all. 

Wipe the door and frame of the microwave with a damp cloth to ensure there is no debris inhibiting the microwave from closing. When you take these steps, the door switch should operate. See if the door latch functions normally, and test that the door closes when heating your food. If this doesn’t work, try out the next troubleshooting method.

Check that your appliance is not in demo mode

If your Samsung microwave model is accidentally in demo mode, your microwave’s features will work, but the machine won’t heat anything. The demo mode on your Samsung microwave is intended to help you experiment with different settings on your microwave. 

The letter D will appear on the display window when your machine is in demo mode, confirming that it’s not producing heating power. 

Your Samsung microwave will not work properly when in demo mode because the magnetron, a source of power supply in your microwave, is not turned on. Set a cooking time and start your microwave to ensure your microwave is not in demo mode. When the microwave is in demo mode, the timer will count down much faster than normal to demonstrate that feature. If the microwave is in demo mode, turn it off and refer to your specific Samsung microwave model’s user manual for instructions on turning off the demo mode.

Samsung tip: For model numbers with an “Options” or a “My Settings” button, changing the setting from option 6 to option 2 will turn off the demo mode.

Check the kitchen timer feature

Your microwave won’t work if you accidentally use the kitchen timer feature instead of turning on the cooking cycle. While seemingly another silly step, the similarities between the looks of the kitchen timer mode and the cooking countdown mode can sometimes be identical, depending on the model. It can be an easy accident to make but also a super easy fix.

If you have the kitchen timer on, your microwave will count down the time without heating your food. Check to ensure you did not select the timer feature instead of the countdown for the cooking cycle. If you aren’t sure which feature you’re using, pull out the user manual and start from scratch.


Is your Samsung microwave not turning on?

If your Samsung microwave is not turning on, there are various ways to examine what the issue could be. Navigating a microwave that doesn’t turn on can be frustrating, but the following steps should help get your microwave back to functioning order.

Inspect the microwave power source

Check the outlet. Your microwave might not be turning on due to a faulty outlet, which affects the power supply. Unplug your microwave and try plugging another device into the outlet to see if it functions. If the power does not work on the second device, you likely have a faulty outlet. Also, check the circuit breaker for the microwave to make sure it has not tripped and blown a thermal fuse.

Check the power cord. Another reason your microwave is not working could be damage to your power cord. Look for any plug fraying, cracking or chafing. Also, make sure the plug components are not bent and that it does not require much effort to plug in your microwave. Contact your local electrician if the circuit breaker repeatedly trips when the microwave is unplugged. Please do not attempt to complete electrical repairs on your own. Leave it to the professionals to complete these repairs for your health and safety.


Is your Samsung microwave light bulb out?

Like any light bulb in your home, microwave light bulbs need to be replaced after a while. The good news is it only takes a minute to replace the light bulb in this home appliance. Look up the model of your microwave and purchase a light bulb replacement. See your Samsung manual for more information. 

Warning: Wear thermal protection gloves when replacing the bulb in your microwave to avoid injury from the potential heat of the light bulb.


Is your Samsung microwave turntable not working?

Your Samsung microwave’s turntable is designed to do just that — turn. However, the turntable can malfunction at times. When the turntable is not rotating correctly, you might hear noises like grinding when you use your microwave due to a dirty track or roller. Make sure to position your turntable correctly to avoid malfunction. 

Let’s review a few ways to troubleshoot your turntable.

Check the turntable settings. Did you know your Samsung microwave turntable may have the option to be turned on or off? For certain dishes, you might not want the microwave to turn while heating your food. For example, a casserole in a large dish may heat better without the turntable on, or it may not fit correctly if the turntable turns the dish. Sometimes the turntable can be turned off by accident. See your user manual on how to turn your turntable on and off.

Clean and inspect the roller track. Food particles on the bottom of the microwave can inhibit a turntable from functioning properly, resulting in a noisy or out-of-balance turntable.

To properly clean your turntable, we recommend these steps:

  1. Remove your Samsung microwave turntable and roller wheel, and clean them with warm soapy water. 
  2. Clean the bottom of the roller track of your microwave.
  3. Dry all the parts thoroughly and reassemble them in your microwave.
  4. The turntable center has a coupler that connects to the motor. Ensure you position this correctly so the turntable spins properly.


Are your Samsung microwave buttons not working?

Your Samsung microwave has power, but only certain buttons work or not all respond to commands. In this case, clean the control panel and try a power cycle. You might find an SE error code on your microwave. Seek service for your range microwave if the panel is still unresponsive.

Residue left on your microwave’s pane can hinder the appliance from detecting your fingers. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the control board. Dry it down and test it again. 

Note: It should not require excessive force to press the buttons. If it does, request service for your microwave. Always use bare fingers when using the touchpad. The buttons might not correctly respond if there is not enough contact area on the touchpad. 

In some cases, certain buttons will not respond while other functions are being used. Request service or refer to your user manual for information about control locks when the button you attempt to use is unresponsive. 

Like many things in life, turning the device on and off can sometimes do the trick. Reset your microwave by unplugging it or turning off power to the circuit breaker for 60 seconds.


How much do microwave repairs cost?

The typical microwave repair can cost anywhere from $50 to $400. These expenses can add up fast. Thankfully, you can offset the expense by investing in a warranty plan from Cinch Home Services. A plan from Cinch will give you peace of mind that appliance repairs are covered. 

Without a warranty plan, you’re responsible for paying for all repairs out of pocket. Estimating how much to put away for repairs can be difficult when appliances unexpectedly break down. Further, having a warranty means you don’t have to worry about doing microwave repairs on your own. Cinch has a team of certified, vetted service technicians who can help take care of covered repairs for you. Keep reading to learn more!


Built-in microwaves are covered under a Cinch home warranty plan

With a Cinch warranty plan, you receive a 180-day workmanship guarantee on covered appliance repairs, which gives you the peace of mind that repairs will last. From washers and dryers to your microwave problems, we have you covered. 

We don’t realize how stressful it is to have a home appliance or built-in system break down from normal wear and tear until it happens. We find ourselves with piles of dirty dishes from a malfunctioning dishwasher, heaps of laundry from a broken-down washer or dryer, or taking extra time to heat our leftovers because a microwave won’t turn on. Thankfully, Cinch is here specifically for these moments of crisis. 

With Cinch, you can have repairs to your Samsung microwave covered if things go wrong outside of your troubleshooting knowledge. DIY repairs with things like heating elements are dangerous and not worth the risk to yourself, others or your personal property.

A Cinch major appliances warranty covers built-in microwave repairs. With Cinch, you can use your appliances with ease. We aim to have the right plan to suit your home service needs and even cover normal wear and tear. 

With a Cinch plan, you can microwave your favorite meals without fear. What are you waiting for? Sign up for a Cinch Appliances plan now or reach out for an instant quote!


While Samsung microwaves are built to last, breakdowns can occasionally happen. Learn everything you need to know to troubleshoot your microwave.

Your home protection is ready and waiting!