6 reasons to renew your home warranty

reasons to renew home warranty


When you receive a statement from your home warranty company telling you it’s time to renew your home warranty, you may find yourself debating whether renewal would benefit you. Perhaps you didn’t file a claim within the last year and aren’t sure it makes sense to continue with the service.

If you have a home warranty expiring soon, this article is for you. Much like a homeowners insurance plan, although you might not have filed a claim within the last year, it doesn’t mean that being prepared for the unexpected isn’t worth it — particularly when it comes to your home systems and major appliances. Consider the following reasons for renewing a home warranty and see if any of them fit your situation and whether you’ll want to make adjustments to your plan.


Avoid dipping into your emergency fund for large, unexpected repair expenses

To keep your home comfortable, you rely on a number of major appliances. Your HVAC system, laundry room and major kitchen appliances, for example, all contribute to what makes your house into a home. However, these major appliances can cost thousands to repair or replace, which is an enormous expense to charge to a credit card. Even those who have a comfortable emergency fund can find their account quickly draining if they have to shell out money to fix an important household system, such as the heating system in the middle of the winter.

Consider how frustrating it is for any homeowner to have the heating system stop working on the coldest day of the year, the air conditioning system cease in the summer or the stove to break right before a big holiday dinner. In any of these situations, you want to get a service professional to look at the home system or appliance as quickly as possible.

Your home warranty can help you cover the cost and get your system or appliance up and running as quickly as possible. By keeping your plan in place, you can breathe easier knowing that a home warranty protects your home systems and major appliances.


You’re not an expert in repair

Outside of major repairs and replacements, you also need to consider the cost of doing smaller-scale repairs or replacements on home systems, such as water heaters, doorbells and garage door openers. However, these systems can be very elaborate and difficult to repair. 

If something stops working in the middle of the night, most homeowners don’t want to fix it themselves. This can be dangerous for untrained people and potentially lead to greater problems with the home system along with additional expenses. Repairs can also take a long time, particularly for those with little to no experience.

Instead, it’s best to leave these types of repairs to the professionals. The service professionals vetted by the home warranty company have gone through training to teach them about home systems and major appliances. Maintaining a home warranty means you’ll have access to expert help when and if you need it.


You want to continue to rely on trusted service technicians in your area

When hiring people to work on your home, finding trustworthy and reliable professionals is critical. The major systems they work on come with a high price tag, and they impact your ability to live in and enjoy your home.

If you don’t have a network of trusted service professionals in your area, you should consider the value of holding onto your home warranty. A quality home warranty company, like Cinch Home Services, carefully vets all service technicians so that you can feel confident that the ones who come to your home are experienced professionals.

Additionally, the service professionals sent by a company like Cinch have a 180-day workmanship guarantee. In other words, if the technician has to come back within 180 days because they didn’t fix the problem the first time, you won’t have to pay a second time. This helps homeowners feel confident that their home receives the best work.


You own an older home

It’s likely that various home systems will break, and major appliances may need extensive repairs as a home ages. Homeowners often have to consider how the previous owners used different housing systems and whether the previous owners properly maintained them before they purchased the house. Even with normal use, older appliances may experience difficulties and break down. Homeowners can’t become too confident in the reliability of their old system.

Therefore, those with older homes will want to carefully consider these issues as they plan their future warranty coverage. Normal wear and tear can begin to damage even the most reliable systems, even if you follow suggested maintenance procedures. A home warranty can protect you from unexpected costs.


The warranty came with your recently purchased home

Home buyers want to make sure that they don’t purchase a home that will force them to pay for large or expensive repairs immediately. As your real estate agent will tell you, offering a home warranty contract for the first year can attract buyers. Buyers can feel confident that if they have any issues with home systems soon after the purchase, they have a service contract to help them manage the cost.

As a new homeowner, if your home came with a home warranty plan, whether you took advantage of the plan or not during the first year, consider renewing it for an additional year until you fully familiarize yourself with your home. There could be some unknown pre-existing conditions you’re not familiar with, and a home warranty could help you cover unexpected costs.


Keep peace of mind with your current home warranty

When it comes to renewing a home warranty, the biggest benefit that any homeowner experiences is peace of mind. Rather than having to worry about paying for failed home systems or draining bank accounts to cover issues, a home warranty provides homeowners the peace of mind to enjoy their homes.

With a home warranty, you don’t have to worry about your home systems or major appliances. For example, if your hot water heater goes out, you don’t have to spend days taking cold showers, trying to find the funds and a reliable technician to fix it. Instead, your home warranty brings a reliable service technician to your home to take care of the problem.


Renew your home warranty with Cinch

As you consider whether to renew your home warranty coverage, consider carefully the points above and the benefits you can receive from knowing that a warranty protects your home. Find out whether important systems and major appliances, such as the air conditioner, are covered and if there are any exclusions, as well. This will help you determine if your plan will meet your needs. 

The best home warranties offer peace of mind and savings in the long run. If you aren’t already a Cinch customer, explore the coverage that we, as a leading home warranty provider, can offer you. Click here to get a free quote on our affordable home warranty plans. 

Those who have already purchased a home warranty plan from Cinch will easily have their plan auto-renewed each year. Feel confident that your home has the coverage it needs throughout the year.


Is renewing a home warranty worth it? Here are some benefits to a home warranty to consider as you renew.