Closing gifts to create customers for life

Closing gifts to create customers for life

Key tips to remember

  • Closing gifts are an opportunity for you to leave a lasting impression on clients.
  • Personalized gifts show you know your clients' interests are more potent than promotional items.
  • Gifts for services, such as home warranty protection, remind your clients about you for years.
  • Match the gift to the clients and their home for maximum impact.

Whether you bring a gift to the closing table or drop by with a housewarming present after your clients have finished moving, what you give matters most. The goal of a closing gift is to thank your customers for choosing you and celebrate their accomplishments. As a bonus, a closing gift can be a marketing tool to grab the attention of other potential buyers and sellers and to provide a reminder of you and your services for future referrals.

While it may be tempting to give a branded item to keep your name, logo and face in front of your clients, making the gift more about them than about you is what’s more likely to help them remember you fondly.

Ten memorable closing gifts

The key to picking the right closing gift is to know your clients, their family and their interests. Consider these 10 ideas for a closing gift that connects:

1. A consultation with a landscape designer or interior designer. Depending on their interests or the type of home they purchased, an online or in-person consultation with a designer can help your clients add some extra pizzazz to their garden or home. You’ll be remembered as the one who got them started.

2. A subscription box for books or decorative items. If your clients love books or designer touches, such as candles, art and plants, a subscription box will remind them of you with every month’s delivery.

3. A Tiffany & Co. keychain. A classic closing gift, an upscale keychain will remind your clients of you every time they open their door.

4. A pet tag with the new address. If your clients love their dog or cat, a personalized tag with the animal's name and their new address is a practical and thoughtful gift they'll use for years as a reminder of your compassion for their entire family.

5. A Cinch home protection plan. When your clients need an appliance repaired or replaced, or when a leak must be fixed, they’ll thank you as they think of all the money you helped save with the home warranty protection you gave them at the closing. When they renew the warranty, they’ll recognize the long-term value of the gift and your services. A home warranty is particularly reassuring to first-time buyers who are nervous about taking care of their home.

6. A magazine subscription. If your clients are interested in gardening, home design or travel, a magazine subscription can keep you top of mind every month when a new issue arrives.

7. Personalized coasters. Personalized gifts that are also practical, such as a set of coasters or a welcome mat, can serve as a lasting reminder of your service. Just be sure to personalize it with their names or initials rather than yours so they'll want to keep using it.

8. Smart home tech. If your clients don’t own an Amazon Echo or a Google Home device, or if their home is missing a Nest thermostat or Ring doorbell, they may appreciate your help in converting their home to a smart home. Whenever they use their new gadget, they’ll remember you and the convenience you provided too.

9. A house portrait. A sketch or watercolor of their new home is likely to appeal to buyers — particularly for a move-up home or a vacation home. The artwork will serve as a lasting reminder of the help you provided them to achieve their dream home.

10. A membership to a museum or local attraction. If you’re working with buyers or sellers who are relocating, a membership to a museum, zoo or water park makes a thoughtful gift that will keep them thinking of you as they enjoy what their new community has to offer.

When giving a closing gift, keep in mind that it’s the thoughtfulness that will linger in your clients’ memories the longest.