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Tip: It's the step after the last dot that caused this error, not those before it.
Tip: If the failing expression is known to be legally refer to something that's sometimes null or missing, either specify a default value like myOptionalVar!myDefault, or use <#if myOptionalVar??>when-present<#else>when-missing</#if>. (These only cover the last step of the expression; to cover the whole expression, use parenthesis: (!myDefault, (

FTL stack trace ("~" means nesting-related):
	- Failed at: ${faq.textAnchor.getData()}  [in template "20115#20151#54582" at line 4, column 10]
1<#if title.getSiblings()?has_content> 
2<#list title.getSiblings() as faq> 
4<a name="${faq.textAnchor.getData()}"></a> 
5<div id="${faq.getData()}" class="cinch-faq cinch-faq--page clearfix ${bgColor.getData()} l-module"> 
6  <div class="cinch-faq__content cinch-faq__content--page col-md-10 col-md-offset-1"> 
7    <div class="row" style="margin-top: 30px;"> 
8      <div class="cinch-faq__title-col col-md-5"> 
9        <h3 class="cinch-faq__title cinch-faq__title--page">${faq.getData()}</h3> 
10      </div> 
11      <div class="cinch-faq__list-col col-md-7"> 
12        <div class="cinch-faq__items"> 
13        <#if faq.question.getSiblings()?has_content> 
14	        <#list faq.question.getSiblings() as question> 
15	        <div class="cinch-faq__item"> 
16                <h4 class="h5 cinch-faq__question js-faq-q">${question.getData()}</h4> 
17                <p class="cinch-faq__answer js-faq-a is-open" style="display: none;"> 
18                ${question.answer.getData()} 
19                </p> 
20            </div> 
21	        </#list> 
22        </#if> 
23        </div> 
24      </div> 
25    </div> 
26  </div> 
28<!-- END FAQ MODULE --> 
29    </#list>