The home trends taking over

The home trends taking over

Key takeaways:

  • Online searches for “clover lawn” are up 1,017% since last year!
  • 43% of Gen Z homebuyers are interested in a boho interior for their first home.
  • The most in-demand home features for buyers in 2023 will be solar panels (48%), clover lawns (46%) and living walls (44%).
  • The most popular architectural styles in 2023 will be industrial (38%), boho (37%) and midcentury (37%).

We uncovered home-buying search trends and surveyed 1,000 Americans about what they're looking for in a home in 2023. Here's what we found!

Trending home features

Certain home features have the power to repel or attract homebuyers. Which ones will they be looking for the most in the coming year?

Most popular home features of 2023.

When we asked prospective homebuyers, nearly half said the most in-demand home features of 2023 would be solar panels (48%) and a clover lawn (46%), with living walls coming in a close third (44%). Although clover lawns didn't top the list, online searches for this landscaping feature in December 2022 were up 1,017% since last year, indicating it will be highly desirable for many 2023 homebuyers. Gen Zers seemed most interested in clover lawns, with 50% of them naming it as their number one sought-after home feature in 2023.

The styles inside

Now that we know what home features are expected to see the most demand, let's explore America's most desired home aesthetics for the new year.

Most popular interior styles of 2023

Topping our list of the interior design styles most homebuyers will be on the lookout for next year were industrial (38%), boho (37%) and midcentury (37%). Baby boomers (43%) and Gen Xers (39%) were most drawn to the midcentury aesthetic, whereas millennials gravitated more towards the industrial look (42%). The boho, or bohemian, aesthetic has caught the eye of many a Gen Zer, with 43% of them interested in this aesthetic for their first home.


Cinch surveyed 1,003 Americans regarding their 2023 home-buying preferences. Of the respondents, 39% were millennials, 18% were Gen Xers, 36% were Gen Zers and 7% were baby boomers. Additionally, we analyzed Google Trends data over the past three months to see what homebuyers are searching for during their 2023 house hunt.

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