For Insurance Companies

Provide a missing piece of protection.

A Cinch plan covers situations that home insurance might not.

Repair and Replacement Coverage

For 20+ appliances and built-in systems that break down from normal use.

Homeowners deductible reimbursement

Pays the customer back for a portion of a homeowners insurance claim

Emergency lodging reimbursement

Reimburses customers for hotel stays if the home becomes uninhabitable

180-Day Workmanship Guarantee

Guarantees work on all covered repairs for six months

Appliance Buyline

Provides access to discounts on brand-name appliances when it's time to upgrade

More protection = Claims mitigation

Budget protection

Controls out-of-pocket costs for home repairs, protecting your customers' wallets.

Verified service pros

Thousands of pre-screened and licensed technicians at the ready for fast, reliable service.

Rapid response

When smart devices detect a problem, we send a qualified tech to prevent the issue from causing major damage.

Reduced insurance claims

Cinch's comprehensive coverage and point-of-need resolution help keep insurance claims in check.

Increase retention and lifetime value.

Enhance your customer relationships and generate new revenue streams through programs developed to extend your brand.

Partner with us

Be in good company.

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