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We know the Samsung brand for its quality products, and their extensive line of dryers is no exception. With innovative design and smart technology, Samsung dryers are known for their high performance and dependability, but there might be situations where you should reset them. 

Let’s say your clothes dryer works like a champ but unexpectedly stops heating well or an error code displays on the control panel. Your first instinct might be to reset it. 

Understanding how your dryer works and learning about its components can help you decide whether a reset is the appropriate action to take. In this article, you’ll learn the ins and outs of your Samsung dryer, what resetting can and can’t do and how you can reset your clothes dryer.


How Samsung dryers work

You rely on your washer and clothes dryer to keep your clothing and other laundry items fresh and clean. Like other major home appliances, it can disrupt your household routine when these don’t work efficiently — or at all. 

When working optimally, the dryer tumbles or spins wet, freshly washed laundry while heat circulates through the duration of the drying cycle. While the clothing moves about the drum of the dryer, warm air removes moisture significantly faster than air drying. Inside the drum, you can see baffles. These structures stick out from the sides of the drum and help increase movement of the clothing or other laundry items. As you can see, movement is an essential action of the drying process. The more movement, the better the airflow. This is why you want to avoid placing too many laundry items inside a dryer. An overloaded dryer has poor air circulation and can result in a longer drying time. 

Whether your appliance is a gas or electric dryer, the process essentially works the same — with electric machines relying on electricity to heat the air and gas dryers requiring natural gas or propane to generate heat.

The dryer system houses several components. The most visible (and the one you’re most likely familiar with) is the tumbler or dryer drum. This is where you toss the clothes from the washing machine. When turned on, the tumbler spins and air is drawn through the front openings of the dryer door. The airflow passes over the heating element, warms and circulates through the tumbling clothes. As you can imagine, it produces a lot of steam from the moisture and hot airflow. The dryer’s venting system removes this excess moisture from the dryer load so the clothing can dry efficiently. 

The fan, at the back of the tumbler, pulls moisture away and out of the dryer through the dryer vent or exhaust vent, the hose-like structure located at the back of the machine. This vent leads to the outside of the home, where the moisture is released. This exit might be on the roof or on the side of the home near the dryer. 

You may find your dryer vent has worked itself loose. You can tell when this happens because the laundry room becomes warm and humid from all the excess moisture created inside the drum of the dryer. This is an easy fix, as all you need to do is replace the mouth of the vent to the back of the dryer. You can often find this replacement part at just about any home repair store. If only everything could be that straightforward and simple, though. 

You may find your clothes dryer not heating as efficiently. What once took one drying cycle now requires a much longer drying time. Other times, your appliance may not work at all. When this happens, you may see blinking lights or, if your model has a digital display, you may find an ominous error code that needs translation. Samsung created these error codes to help users troubleshoot issues. For some issues, your dryer may require resetting. Fortunately, Samsung has made this easy to do.


What resetting your Samsung dryer can't do

Resetting can give your dryer a new start when other attempts fail. Sometimes, electrical glitches or a power outage can make your dryer behave in different ways, such as not starting or heating. With a reset, you can clear electrical glitches that affect the dryer. 

Although a reset can resolve many issues, it’s not always the first step in approaching a problem, and there are some things that even a reset can’t resolve. 

What resetting your dryer can’t do

It’s natural to think a reset button can fix all of your dryer’s problems, but there are several limitations to resetting your dryer. 

Resetting the dryer will have no effect if there are physically broken parts or electrical components. Additionally, if there is a heat transfer issue, the cause might be a clogged vent or an overflowing lint trap. You must physically remove the blockage and then try starting the appliance again. 

Lint can quickly build up while using a dryer. For this reason, it’s important to clean the lint screen before or after each load of laundry. Without regular cleaning, lint buildup can clog and block any airflow to the outside. This can create a much longer drying time, increase your utility bills and even pose a fire hazard. In an instance such as this, resetting won’t resolve the problem at all. If you think an excess of lint is a problem for your dryer, you can run a vent blockage test. Available on some Samsung dryer models, a vent blockage test can detect blockages or problems with your dryer. 

  • To begin, remove any laundry from the dryer and make sure the inside of the drum is cooled. Warm temperatures and laundry will skew the results of the test. 
  • Now, turn the dryer on and press “Adjust Time Up” and “Dry Level.” “InS” or “In” will appear on the display screen. 
  • From here, begin the vent blockage test by pressing “Start/Pause.” The test lasts about two minutes; keep the door of the dryer closed during this time. 
  • Once complete, the results will appear in the display window. A normal result will display “0” or “End,” and a happy completion chime lets you know all is in good working order. If the exhaust vent needs cleaning, an alarm chime will sound and display “CLg” or “Cg.” 

Some problems, such as mechanical issues, require physical repair and replacement parts. A reset simply can’t resolve the problem. An example of a mechanical issue can include a damaged heating element or thermistor. Located near the back of the dryer, the heating element is responsible for producing heat inside the dryer. When the thermistor wears down, you can find your dryer over- or under-producing heat. However, glitches or problems after a power outage may improve or go away after resetting. 

To better understand whether a reset is necessary or an ideal first step, it’s important to understand Samsung dryer error codes and the troubleshooting steps you can take that may fix the problem.


Understanding Samsung dryer error code

Samsung dryer error codes can alert you of specific issues with your appliance. Resetting the dryer clears codes, so it’s important to troubleshoot prior to a reset. 

As mentioned, if your dryer model doesn’t have a digital display, the machine will alert you of a problem with blinking lights. To help pinpoint the issue, various areas of the control panel blink to show different problems. For instance, if the dryer becomes too hot, a blinking “60 Min” or “Extra Low” can alert you of a heating error. One of the most common reasons your dryer shows a heating error is due to a large collection of lint inside the lint screen or dryer vent. To fix the issue, simply clean out the lint filter or vent. 

Dryer models with a digital display use error codes. Fortunately, many issues are simple to solve with some troubleshooting tips. The following lists some types of error codes you may encounter (you can usually locate a full listing of codes inside your user manual). You can also look up your dryer’s model number online and find a comprehensive list of codes that may apply to your particular Samsung dryer model. 

When the dryer isn’t working properly, you may find problems with voltage, the door latch or communication among the internal components. 

  • Voltage errors may occur when using an extension cord or improperly installed power cord. You may see error codes like 9C1, 9E, 2E or 9E1. 
  • Door-related issues occur when the door is not secure. This can happen due to several reasons, including caught laundry in the door or a damaged latch. When this happens, error codes dC, dE, dF, do, d0, 1 DC or 1 dF may appear on the digital screen. 
  • Dryer components communicate with one another to work properly. When something is out of sync, you may see codes like AC, EEE or 1 AC. To troubleshoot, simply turn off the dryer for 60 seconds and turn it back on. 

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, troubleshooting steps may fail to resolve the problem. When you’ve tried the suggested tips, it’s likely time reset your Samsung dryer. Learn more about what to do when your clothes dryer won't spin.


How to reset your Samsung dryer

Resetting the dryer is a simple, quick process. To reset your Samsung dryer, simply unplug the appliance from its power supply. The electrical charge will clear from the dryer in about five minutes. Afterward, plug it back in. You can also turn off power at the circuit breaker and wait five minutes before flipping the switch back on. 

When to reset your Samsung dryer

Once you’ve exhausted other steps, a reset might be just what your dryer needs. Remember that a reset can’t fix every issue, so be sure to look up any error codes that appear, including blinking lights for non-digital screen models. 

Sometimes, though, the only way to solve the problem is with a reset. Simply follow the provided instructions and power the dryer back on. If the code still appears, it’s probably time to make a service request with a professional technician. As tempting as it might be, though, try to avoid a second reset, as this will wipe out the error code history and make it more challenging for the technician to correctly diagnose and resolve the problem. 

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Resetting Wi-Fi network info on Samsung smart dryers

Samsung dryer models with Smart Control technology connect to the Wi-Fi network. Through the app, you can evaluate dryer performance, diagnose issues and receive quick, simple solutions for problems affecting the door switch, child lock or electronic control board components right from your phone. The app also stores an error code history of your appliance that can help troubleshoot any ongoing issues. 

Occasions may arise where you need to reset or disconnect from your home’s Wi-Fi. To clear information stored in the control board: 

  • Press “Smart Control” on the digital display. Hold until you see “AP” in the display. This usually takes about three seconds. 
  • Next, press the “Temp” button on the display until you see “OK.” This can take up to seven seconds and will return to “AP.” 
  • Last, turn off the dryer.


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Do you need to know how to easily reset your Samsung dryer? Learn how to troubleshoot and reset your Samsung dryer with this step-by-step guide.