Do Home Warranties Cover Septic Systems?

Do Home Warranties Cover Septic Systems?

A sewer covering that is covered by home warranty


Yes, many of the issues that may arise in your septic system are covered by most home warranty providers, including plans from Cinch Home Services. Read further for our septic warranty coverage recommendations.


What is a septic system?

While less common in larger municipalities, many homes are still on a septic system. This system is a convenient way to treat wastewater for homes that are beyond a city’s grid. Essentially, septic tanks treat wastewater with chemicals rather than using a city or town’s water treatment facility. 

A number of problems may impact the function of your home’s septic system. Common issues affect the septic tank, jet pump, sewer ejector pump and line from the house, but with regular maintenance, your septic system should last 15–20 years. If you experience any malfunction, this is definitely something you want resolved as soon as possible. 

As with any home system, depending on the issue, there is quite a bit of variance in price. Some problems are quite costly, but a home warranty can help you offset the cost of an unexpected issue.


What is a home warranty?

A home warranty is an annual contract that provides repair and/or replacement coverage for your home’s primary appliances or systems. Many homeowners define home warranty coverage as optional, but when one or two appliances or systems malfunction, it can quickly change their perspective.

With a home warranty or home protection plan, the homeowner or landlord pays an affordable monthly or annual fee for coverage. 

In the event a covered system or appliance breaks down due to normal wear and tear, the home warranty company will send a qualified, vetted service technician to the home to assess the problem. At this time, the homeowner pays a small service call fee for the assessment. 

If the item in question is determined to be covered under the warranty coverage plan, the company will repair or replace it. 

A few items that are covered by a home warranty: 

  1. HVAC
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Washer and dryer
  4. Garbage disposal
  5. Water heater
  6. Dishwasher
  7. Water heater 
  8. Microwave and oven
  9. And with optional coverage, you can cover your pool, spa or service lines

Although many of these items may initially be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, this coverage generally lasts for a period of one year. Your home warranty company will continue to provide you protection no matter the age of the system or appliance. And unlike homeowners insurance, a warranty will cover breakdowns from normal use.  

Home insurance provides coverage for catastrophic, unplanned events such as fire, extreme weather and theft. A home warranty plan supplements that coverage by providing a service contract for damage related to daily wear and tear. 


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Details of home warranties that offer septic system coverage

Even if you perform regular maintenance at suggested intervals, at some point, a septic system just quits working. Sometimes, this can be a quick fix, while other times, it can be catastrophic system failure. 

Here are some common problems your septic system may experience: 

  • Water and sewage from toilets, drains and sinks backing up into the home
  • Bad odors
  • Bathtubs, showers and sinks draining very slowly
  • Standing water or damp spots near the septic tank
  • Gurgling sounds in the plumbing system
  • Water damage

What are some common reasons a septic system doesn't work properly?

  • The drain field has failed. 
  • The pipe from the septic tank to the house is clogged. 
  • The inlet baffle to the tank is blocked.
  • The outlet baffle or effluent filter is clogged.


What types of septic system issues and repairs are covered by a home warranty plan?

Before deciding on home warranty coverage, be sure to ask about the types of issues and repairs that are covered in your specific plan. Not all septic system issues are covered by a home warranty, so be sure to read your contract carefully. Home warranties generally do not cover costs to pump the septic tank for normal maintenance or in the event of a backup.

Additionally, your home warranty may not provide coverage if your septic tank was damaged due to overgrown roots; driving over the disposal field; the flushing of medications; or the use of water softeners, chemicals and additives. 

Most home warranty plans with septic system coverage include the following parts: 

  • Sump pump
  • Sewer lines
  • Jet pump
  • Aerobic pump
  • Septic tank
  • Sewer eject pump


Septic system coverage in home warranties

When you have an issue with your septic system, it’s time to call in the experts. Here are a few things to look for when selecting a home warranty company that covers septic system issues: 

  1. Year-round service. When your septic system is down, you want to talk to someone immediately. Cinch’s customer service is available 24/7/365, including holidays and weekends. 
  2. Trusted service. Every Cinch service partner is pre-screened for your protection. We ensure they meet all of your state’s licensing requirements before they visit your home. 
  3. Quality service. No more aggravations over substandard work quality. We stand behind our providers’ work with a six-month guarantee — no exceptions.


Home warranty septic system coverage

Cinch covers more than other home warranty companies. Our warranty coverage guarantees workmanship for a period of 180 days. The claims process is easy to follow and can be done online. Your contract is clear, and everything is found in the terms of your agreement. 

Unlike homeowners insurance, our homeowner warranty plan will cover the cost of repairing and/or replacing a septic system and give you peace of mind that your septic system is covered. Our customers would agree that Cinch offers the best home warranty for septic systems. Our plan works as an extended warranty that supplements the manufacturer's warranties and homeowners insurance. 


Looking to find a home warranty with septic coverage? Read on to understand how and what do home warranties cover for septic systems.

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