Do Home Warranties Cover Furnace Replacement or Repair?

Do Home Warranties Cover Furnace Replacement or Repair?

Does my home warranty cover my furnace?


You don’t want your furnace or AC unit to break down during a cold snap in the middle of February. So, having some type of home warranty plan available on your furnace to offset costly repairs is a welcome addition to your monthly budget.

For a homeowner, purchasing a buyer's warranty is a great way to ensure you are protecting your largest investment: your home. Having a home warranty plan provides you with the peace of mind that repairs and, if necessary, replacements to your home appliances, like your water heater and AC unit and systems will be covered for a small service fee.  

While a home warranty contract provides you with an outline of what is covered in your plan, you may be unfamiliar with the appliances that have warranty coverage as well as what the coverage entails once your appliances or systems require fixing.

When your furnace and heating system are not working properly, you may be left wondering: Will my home warranty cover my furnace breakdown? 

We will answer this and give you some tips to keep your furnace functioning and well maintained all winter long.


Home warranty for furnace: Coverage explained

To save you the repair cost, you will first need to determine which elements of your furnace or heating system are covered. 

What's covered

Typically, most home warranties offer warranty coverage on all aspects of your furnace or heating system. This includes:

  • Most of the ductwork
  • Forced air
  • Electric baseboard heaters
  • Hot water components of the heating system

All of the information about what is covered in your home warranty plan will be provided in your terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will be provided to you when you first purchase your home warranty plan.

Becoming familiar with this information will be beneficial to you. Not only will you understand exactly which appliances are covered by your home warranty, but you will also know that the breakdowns that will be covered by a home warranty are those damaged by normal wear and tear in most cases. 


Your terms and conditions are the best place to answer your question of whether furnace replacement or repair will be covered and in which scenarios.


If you determine that your furnace or heating system repair will be covered by your home warranty, a simple call to your home warranty company will get a service technician to your home.


What a home warranty may not cover on a furnace

Even with a great warranty plan, there are things that may not be fully covered on your warranty plan for your furnace. 

Not only will a home warranty plan not cover any items that are under an extended warranty or a manufacturer’s warranty, but accidental damage your appliances or systems incur due to misuse, negligence or a natural disaster will also be denied. 

Furthermore, there are a small number of components of the heating system a home warranty will not protect. These comprise your underground or outside pipes, well pump and its components, fuel storage tanks, portable heat units and fireplaces, including fuel, pellet or wood.  

Your terms and conditions will make these restrictions clear so you can reference your coverage quickly.


Regular maintenance goes a long way regardless of your home warranty furnace coverage

Since it can be a great energy expense, you want to ensure your furnace is working at optimal efficiency. This means you should perform regular maintenance on your furnace to ensure it’s at its best.

Here is some simple maintenance you can perform to keep your furnace up and running:

Clean or replace your filter

As with your air conditioner, the filter is your defense against debris and particles that will otherwise be circulating through your home. Aside from the health risks, debris and dirt present a problem for the mechanics of your furnace.

Reduce the need for heat

Make sure you have sealed gaps in walls, windows or any particularly drafty areas. Also, ensure your thermostat is set to only operate when you are at home or when you are awake. This will further reduce the strain on your furnace or heating system.

Check your blower motor

The blower motor is the catalyst that allows the furnace to provide air movement throughout your home. If the blower motor is not frequently maintained and begins to malfunction, this can cause the entire system to shut down. Issues with the blower motor may need to be left to the professionals, as they can mean major issues.

Ensure all vents are clear

Blocking your home’s vents will cause your heating system to work harder than it needs to and may cause premature breakdowns. This means items like furniture, boxes or anything else that may be in the way of a vent must be moved to provide a clear path. This will allow the air to circulate. 

Inspect your ventilation

For your own safety, proper ventilation to the outdoors of homes heated with natural gas is imperative. Failure to do so can result in illness — or even death — due to carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Clean the ductwork and vents

Having a clean passageway for warm air to flow throughout your home will increase the efficiency of your furnace. Not only will your air be cleaner, but you will also be removing some of the burdens that might force your furnace to work harder to maintain your desired temperature.


Importance of having a home warranty that covers your furnace

When the seasons change from summer to fall and the air becomes cooler, we start to prepare our homes for the seasonal changes. We begin removing screens from the windows, shutting down our air conditioning units and preparing our heating systems for the upcoming winter’s chill. 

But, what happens when your furnace won’t start? Have you budgeted for repairs or replacement? 

Many people mistakenly believe that their home insurance will cover an appliance or system repair. Your homeowners insurance, while generally extensive, only covers the contents and structural aspects of your home in case of disasters.

Having a home warranty that covers your furnace or home system will help protect your home against costly repairs while giving you the peace of mind that home warranty protection offers

Additionally, reputable home warranty companies typically work only with professional service technicians to complete the necessary repair or replacement, meaning you are getting the best care for your precious commodities. 

Whether you have recently closed on a new home as a new homeowner or you are preparing your budget for the future, a home warranty plan will serve you well. 


How to file a home warranty claim for furnace repair or replacement

Once you have determined that you have an appliance, like your furnace, that requires a repair or replacement, the next step is to contact the service provider for your warranty. 

The warranty company will go over your service contract, and when home warranty coverage is determined to apply to this repair, the home warranty company will dispatch a service technician to assess the item and repair or replace your home appliance or system. You will only be responsible for a nominal service fee for covered repairs. 

Cinch Home Services is available via telephone and their website to make placing a service claim simple and convenient.



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