Does Home Warranty Cover Air Duct Cleaning or Repair?

Does my home warranty cover ductwork?


Ducts in a basement

When you stay on top of maintaining your home, you are giving yourself and your home an advantage. With regular upkeep, you are able to spot and rectify many of the issues that may plague a home. 

Your regular maintenance should also include your air conditioning and heating systems, or your HVAC system. When preparing your home air conditioning or heating system for seasonal changes, you should clean or replace the filter, ensure that your system is functioning properly and check ductwork circulation. 

While it is important to inspect ductwork regularly, it is usually considered separate when it comes time for maintenance and repairs. If you have a breakdown that stems from your ductwork, you will need a ductwork professional to inspect it. This also applies when you have a home warranty with HVAC coverage.

To help you better understand what to do about your HVAC system’s ductwork, this article will break down the following:

  • What is covered under a home warranty in regards to your HVAC ductwork
  • How to determine whether your home warranty covers HVAC ductwork
  • How a home warranty works if your ductwork needs repair
  • The importance of having home warranty coverage for your entire HVAC system

Home warranty coverage for ductwork: What's Included

A home warranty plan is warranty coverage for your home appliances and systems. This coverage is applied as a complement to your homeowners insurance, and it aims to provide you with peace of mind that your home appliances and major system repairs will be covered for the small cost of a service fee.

Most home warranty plans will have HVAC coverage as a standard option. And, depending on your warranty plan, you may have coverage for the ductwork in your home when it comes to normal wear-and-tear breakdowns. 

Unlike your homeowners insurance, which is financial coverage for structural damage and the loss of your possessions due to accidents (such as fire or flood), your home warranty company offers a warranty contract that provides coverage for your home’s appliances or systems that may break down due to regular use over time. 

Having a home protection plan alleviates budget woes that might pop up once your appliances’ manufacturers’ warranties run out.


How to determine whether a home warranty covers your ductwork maintenance (cleaning and repair)

Under a home warranty plan, your entire HVAC system is usually considered as one unit, and your home warranty company may provide ductwork coverage even though ductwork is normally considered to be a separate item.  

To determine what exactly is covered in your home warranty plan, it is a good idea to read through your contract thoroughly. Not only will you be fully informed of your home warranty coverage, but you will also know if items in your home need a budget for repairs. 

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Your warranty company should provide you with detailed terms and conditions for your home warranty plan. These terms and conditions will help you understand your coverage for breakdowns and what will not be considered normal wear and tear. 

When you are shopping for a new home warranty plan, start by taking inventory of your home appliances and systems:

  • Are any of your systems or appliances new?
  • If they are newer, are they covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, or did you purchase an extended warranty? 
  • If they are old, do they have any existing issues with their condition? 
  • Is there any extended warranty that might be applied to the appliances and systems?

Considering these factors will determine how much coverage you need. Additional coverage will be more costly, but it will save you in the long term. 

If you have read over your terms and conditions after purchasing your home warranty and decide that you want to upgrade your warranty package, contact your home warranty provider to see if you may be eligible to upgrade your package by paying the difference. 

An upgrade to your home warranty package may increase your cost, but your coverage increase also means more coverage for the appliances and systems in your home in the event of a repair or replacement. 

How to identify when you need ductwork repair

Regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit, water heater, heating system and ductwork may prevent untimely breakdowns by alerting you to any problems that crop up.

Ductwork issues can be hard to detect because your ducts are hidden in the walls and ceiling. Here are some ways to look and listen for ductwork issues:

High utility bills

If your energy bill has increased, narrow the reason down by checking your HVAC system. If you can not find an issue with the heating system or air conditioner, it may be an issue with your ductwork.

Air failing to circulate

Your ductwork should equally distribute air throughout your home, so if you notice an absence of air coming from your ducts, it may be time to investigate and make a service call for a repair.

Whistling from ductwork

When you can hear whistling coming from your ducts, it could signal a blockage or debris in your ductwork. It may be time to schedule a cleaning or repair of your ductwork.

Any of the above issues or things that seem abnormal in your ductwork may warrant a service call to assess and repair your ductwork.

Importance of having a home warranty to cover your entire HVAC system

When you face issues with your home HVAC system, you may not be facing an isolated problem. With a good home warranty plan from a reputable home warranty company, you can rest assured that your home’s air conditioner, ductwork, heat pump, heating system, or any other component of your home system will be covered by HVAC repair in your warranty for a small service fee.

As a homeowner, you want to ensure your choice of home warranty is appropriate for your needs. This means getting a home warranty with the following: 

  • Coverage for the items that you deem necessary
  • A price that fits your budget
  • A comprehensive and inclusive plan so that a repair can easily be handled by a professional for a nominal service fee 

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