How to stay on top of your real estate agent game when things are slow

Key tips to remember

  • Stay up to date on local market activity
  • Upgrade your systems
  • Read real estate industry publications and news
  • Plan for the coming year

There are slow months in home sales, but the top real estate agents don't let that affect their productivity. As colder months approach and homebuyers put their house hunting on hold for the season, real estate agents may see their leads slow down, but that doesn't mean they should sit back and wait for spring to get back on track. 

There is always plenty to do and the individuals who plan best during the slow season may be the ones who benefit most come spring. It can be helpful to see slow winter days as opportunities rather than setbacks. With a little extra effort and real estate marketing knowledge, agents can set up leads for now as well as later, when the temperature begins to rise and homebuyers hit the market again.

Stay up to date on local market activity

A slowdown doesn't mean a complete stoppage — there may still be homes on the market. Preview homes that are still listed to show people that you're paying attention and to keep up with what is going on in your market. This will keep buyers and sellers happy while maintaining your presence and ensuring that people are aware you're out there and available for business — both through winter and at the outset of the busy real estate season.

Upgrade your systems

A good way to kill extra time is to make sure you have the technology to stay ahead of the pack once the housing market heats up again. Real estate technology can move fast, and you may fall behind your competition if you're not keeping up with it. However, upgrading now will ensure that when the housing market begins to get busy again, your new system is implemented and you understand how to use it.

Read real estate industry publications and news

Keeping up with real estate publications will help you better understand and navigate the market. It is always important to research how buyers, sellers and the market in general are all behaving at any given time — even during the slow winter months. Staying updated on the market will also help you determine a plan of action when home buying starts up again.

Plan for the coming year

Speaking of putting together a plan, the slow winter months are the perfect time to do so. With a new year on the horizon, you should have a strategy for your business in place. A real estate marketing plan, spending and cost-cutting strategies and potential new revenue streams are all things that you can work out during the winter. This way, your real estate business can enter the new year with confidence. 

A slow portion of the calendar does not mean that you should slow down activity. Instead, find a variety of productive outlets for your energy to ensure that your real estate business remains strong through the winter and into the return of the busy season.

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